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Lithium Cube EX Series Press Release Issued
We have issued the press release for the new Lithium Cube EX Series portable power stations. To read it, click on the following link. (View Here)

(VIDEO) Lithium Cube EX18 & EX5 Launch
For all of those who are visual learners (like myself), we have created a Launch Event video to satisfy your eyes! Take a look at this awesome video telling all about the new Lithium Cube EX18 and Lithium Cube EX5 Series! (Watch Here)

NEW PRODUCTS: Lithium Cube EX18 & EX5 Series
Our original Lithium Cube Series danced into the hearts of our community, received with open arms and rave reviews. But we didn't stop there. We listened, we tinkered, and we've crafted something extraordinary—a portable power solution tailored to meet your daily needs. (Read More)

NEW PRODUCTS: 200W & 100W Folding Solar Panels
We're excited to offer 2 new folding solar panels available to fuel your adventures! With an industry-leading 23% efficiency, ETFE matrix laminate construction, IP67 waterproof rated, and anti-stick properties, these panels are exactly what you've been looking for to power your adventures on and off the road.  (Learn More)

What's the best way to keep up-to-date with us?
Social Media of course! We post awesome content for you to learn from on our BLOG with videos for the visual learners on our YOUTUBE Channel. Our INSTAGRAM will tantalize your senses while our TWITTER (X) will keep you entertained for hours. Click the links above and have a look!

VIDEO: Flexxlite - A Feature Reel you want to see (item #4307)
We're really proud of this versatile light; we've created a light that is rechargeable, features a side and front light, different color temperatures, and is detachable with magnets that can be attached to any ferrous metal surface! Yes, it's that good! Take a look at the features video we made for it. (Watch Video)

What does a Power Inverter do?
This is a common question for those nerdy types (like myself) and people looking for home wall outlet (AC) power while on the road. We have the answer to your questions in this quick yet concise blog. (Read More)

VIDEO: Company Commercial Reel
A neat little feel-good reel to entertain your sense of adventure. "Wagan Tech: For over 40 years in Hayward, CA, USA. We keep you #RoadReady" (Watch Video)

2023 ANPACT Transportation Expo in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
We are exhibiting at the ANPACT Transportation Expo in Guadalajara, Mexico from November 15-17. Come find us at Booth #J2213 to see what's new!

VIDEO: UFO Sighting footage, Hayward, CA
Tucker just filmed this UFO outside of the office! (Video is just for fun). Could be a UFO or a ...? (Watch Video)

What is a DC to DC Battery Charger?
A DC-to-DC battery charger is a device that converts one DC (direct current) voltage (from your vehicle) to another DC voltage in order to charge a battery. It is commonly used in applications where the power source or input voltage is different from the required charging voltage of the battery. (Read More)

VIDEO: AAPEX Show 2023 - bumper reel
Here's a funny little video that we put together for our 2023 AAPEX Show Booth. (Watch Video)

We will be at AAPEX 2023!
We have our booth lined up and ready to go for the 2023 AAPEX Show in Las Vegas, NV. If you don't know about it, the AAPEX show is the Automotive Aftermarket Expo that happens every year in Las Vegas, NV. and is the sister show to the world-famous SEMA show. (Read More)

Sustainable products are presented at the College of Engineers and Architects of Tulum
Our company President, Alex Hsu spoke at the Colegio de Ingenieros y Arquitectos de Tulum (CIAT) in Quintana Roo, Mexico to environmentalists, builders and civil engineers regarding the expanded use and future of Solar Lighting. (Read More)

How to install a DC-DC Battery Charger
Installing a DC-to-DC battery charger involves connecting a secondary battery (typically an "auxiliary" or "house" battery) to your main battery or alternator system in a vehicle or a standalone power setup. Here's how to do it! (Read More)

How to calculate the volume (capacity) of air in your tire (LPM, CFM)
So you've seen an air compressor/ inflator that states it does "X" liters per minute or has "CFM" (flow rate) and you want to know how many minutes it will take for that compressor to fill your tire. (Read More)

We're all about sharing knowledge! Our blogs will help you with DIY projects, install tips, "how-to", and showing you how products operate.
Need help with a product installation or to learn tips on how-to do something? Maybe it's your first time camping, overlanding, or you're the type to just absorb random information?! Swipe on over to our blogs to learn something new today! (See our Blogs)

VIDEO: AC/DC Digital Tire Inflator Unboxing (#7316)
One inflator that can be powered at home and in the car; plugs into your car using the 12V DC power socket and can be used at home on your wall outlet 120V AC power! (Watch Video)

NEW PRODUCT: AC/DC Digital Tire Inflator
Operating on both AC (home wall-outlet) and DC (car accessory port) power with a backlit digital display and automatic shut-off; the AC/DC Digital Tire Inflator can air up the smallest beach ball to a full-size truck tire. (Read More)

Short (Video) Compact Lantern & Flexxlite Overview
We've put together a short video looking at the features of the new Compact Lantern and the Flexxlite. (Video Here)

NEW PRODUCT: Compact Lantern
A simple sounding name for a feature-packed lantern! Two dimmable LED colors, Rechargeable power bank, Solar powered, Tripod mountable, folding carabiner-type hanging clip, and it's compact size make this the ultimate camping lantern. (Read More)

NEW PRODUCT: Flexxlite
Featuring a front flashlight and side lanterns with 3 color temperatures, removeable/magnetic rechargeable light head, and Flexible neck band for attaching anywhere: around your neck, pole, tree limb, or hanging. (Read More)

VIDEO: Re-Released: Power Dome NX2 - unboxing / Wagan Tech 2485-9 jump starter, air compressor, power to go!
Wagan Tech’s Power Dome NX2 is a mighty unit in a small package. With so many features built in to this small device, this has become an essential item for anyone who travels along the roadways today. Jump Starter, Bluetooth, Air Compressor, AC & DC outlets, USB power port, built-in inverter, AC outlets, and an AM/FM Radio with digital tuner, the NX2 has it all! (Watch Video)

A few years ago we released this unit to great reception; so much in fact that Michelin USA (yes, that Michelin) wanted us to create one branded for them. With that, the Power Dome NX2 disappeared, was redesigned, and became the "Michelin XR1". Now that we have completed our contract with Michelin, the Power Dome NX2 is back! (Read More)

NEW PRODUCT: Digital Remote Interface
We just released a beautifully designed Digital Remote Interface that allows for monitoring both of our DC-DC Battery Chargers and the next generation Pure Line Power Inverters. (Read More)

VIDEO: AC to DC Power Adapters - Full Power - by Wagan Tech
Wagan Tech’s AC to DC Power Adapter allows you to take your automotive (DC accessory socket) accessories with you wherever you go and is ideal for school, home, or office use! (Watch Video)

Why you should consider Solar LED Floodlights
There aren't many cases that can be made as to why wired lights are more beneficial over their Solar counterparts... as a matter of fact, I can't think of one reason that wired lights are better! Solar LED floodlights offer several advantages compared to traditional floodlights powered by electricity. Here are some of the key benefits:(Read More)

How to prepare for a storm (2023 Edition)
Preparing for a storm, whether it's a severe thunderstorm, hurricane, blizzard, or any other type of severe weather event, is essential for ensuring your safety and minimizing potential damage. Take these steps NOW, don't wait for the storm to be on it's way to you before you think about preparing. (Read More)

Choosing the right inverter for your: Car, Van, Truck, SUV, RV, etc.
A power inverter is an electronic device that converts direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity. It allows you to use AC-powered devices and appliances, such as laptops, smartphones, televisions, power tools, and kitchen appliances, using a DC power source like a car battery, solar panel, or deep-cycle battery. Choosing the right power inverter depends on your specific needs and the devices you want to power. Here are some steps to help you determine the right power inverter for your requirements: (Read More)

Things to consider: what to know about portable power stations before buying!
Portable power stations (synonymous with portable power supply) are devices that store electrical energy in a rechargeable battery and can provide power to various electronic devices and appliances when you're away from a traditional power source. They are commonly used for outdoor activities, camping, emergencies, and situations where access to electricity is limited. (Read More)

DC to DC Battery Charger (VS.) battery isolator?!
One of the most common questions we receive in regards to battery charging is: "Why should I get a DC-DC Charger instead of a battery isolator"? The answer is actually pretty simple! (Read More)

Road-trip essentials: items you should pack for a road trip
I just drove with the family across the country in the family truckster to visit that famous mouse theme park and learned a few things about packing and preparing for a road trip. Download their park app and familiarize yourself prior to going as it offers a lot of features and functions that are very helpful (Read More)

New to camping? Here's what to bring!
Preparing for your first camping trip can be exciting, and making sure you have the right gear is essential for a successful and enjoyable camping experience. I have compiled a list of the essentials - you'll need to tailor it for your personal needs as well. I have a more detailed break-down of gear selection on another blog (link below). (Read More)

Looking to buy a tent? Here's what to look for!
Choosing the right ground camping tent is crucial to ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience. Looking at the types and varieties out there can be an overwhelming task... I have broken it down to simply explain what to look for before making a purchase. (Read More)

How to build a cozy campfire!
Campfires. Along with a tent, this is the icon of camping and is the most important aspect of camping. Creating a campfire can be a fun and rewarding outdoor activity. However, it's important to do it safely and responsibly to prevent accidents and avoid harming the environment. (Read More)

What you should keep in your car - The "Get Home Bag"
A "get home bag" is a collection of essential items that you might need if you find yourself in a situation where you're away from home and need to travel back during an emergency or unexpected event. Such events can include earthquakes, social unrest, floods, storms, or any other even that could stop you from simply driving home. Packing a get home bag for your car can help ensure your safety and well-being during such situations. Here's my list of items you should consider including in your car's get home bag: (Read More)

How to prepare your vehicle for off-road travel & what to do in the event of a break-down
So you want to go off-road, but don't know where to start? I have put together a little guide to give you a jumping-off point into the fun that is off-road travel. Preparing your vehicle for off-road travel is essential to ensure safety, performance, and the ability to handle rough terrain... and to have a wonderful time adventuring the roads less traveled! (Read More)

Enoch from @moleisurexventures visits us - We get a tour of the Overland Xterra (Video)
Enoch and Ella take us on a tour of their home on the road. It's a @Nissan Xterra that has been opened up to allow standing inside, and has been gutted and customized for full-time overlanding. (Video Here)

Customer Question: How long will my inverter run for?
A common question that we always get in regards to power inverters is, "How long will my inverter run for?" The runtime of an inverter depends on several factors: (Read More)

First Look (VIDEO): Digital Remote Interface for DC-DC Chargers & Power Inverters
In this simple video, we'll walk you through the basic principles of your vehicle's power system and how it all works together to form the "Power Ecosystem".(Read More)

Customer Question: What really is it that costs so much more to produce a PSW over a MSW inverter?
"Considering the majority of inverters are manufactured overseas, what really is it that costs so much more to produce a PSW over a MSW, besides a few extra computer control boards manufactured by a robotic device with minimal hands on assembly? I've seen plenty of inverter components and video breakdowns including the Wagan brand and they all seem to have more in common than different." -James (via YouTube) (Read More)

Expedition Portal Articles that mention Wagan Tech
We have found a few articles on Expedition Portal that mention us! These are not sponsored posts, but true life-use instances from people who use our products during their adventures! ♥ Take a look at the excerpts below.(Read More)

2023's Top-5 Camping must-haves!
We've assembled a small gathering of our top-selling and customer favorites that will enhance your camping experience while making it more enjoyable. Take a look at our expert list below!(Read More)

"Six Months of International Travel with Starlink" by Graeme Bell
“Stay calm; call 911!” I instructed Luisa as I carefully brought the Nimbl to a stop on the icy road deep within the Yukon. The van lay wedged in the snow on its roof, the wheels spinning in the air like a stranded, upended tortoise’s legs. I jumped out to assist my inverted convoy mate and his dog. They were miraculously unscathed (I will tell the entire story with time). Luisa could communicate with the emergency services across the emergency bandwidth despite lacking a cell signal.(Read More)

VIDEO: Inverter Test: Pure Sine Wave "crumbles to crap" above 20% load? Let's find out! Pure Line 2Kw
Someone on our YouTube claimed that: "Pure sine wave is also misleading, put a load on one hooked to a scope and watch it crumble to crap.if you keep the load under 20 ish percent of rating the wave form holds together." ... we wanted to test out his theory, here are the results! *(Spoiler, we ran ours at more than 100% load for an extended amount of time!) (Watch it!)

VIDEO: All about Power Inverters: the basics of selecting one for your needs!
0:33 Chp.1 - What is an Inverter (Explanation)?
1:07 Chp.2 - What are the different kinds of Inverters (PSW vs. MSW)?
2:04 Chp.3 - What are my wattage requirements (Equations)?
3:22 Chp.4 - How long will it run for (Battery sizing)?
5:11 Chp.5 - Cable sizing (+fuses)
5:59 Chp.6 - How to utilize the Inverter (Power EcoSystem)
Cable chart: (Watch it!)

VIDEO: Power Inverter Cable Size - How To Select The Right Cable Size
Answer: Which cables you need are based on – How long the cable needs to be and how many watts you’ll be running. (Watch it!)

The Winter Journey to the Arctic Ocean - Overlanding with A2A Expeditions
When planning the winter overland journey to Tuktoyaktuk and the Arctic Ocean, I knew that two very important duplicates or contingencies had to be carried. The one was a backup heater and cartridges, and the other was a backup power supply. Our Webasto heater had proven to be unreliable in the build-up to the journey, and we had been suffering power issues that we had made every effort to resolve but had no guarantees of continued, reliable performance. (Read More)

Customer Question: I want dual-batteries, what do I need?
"I want to run a dual battery set-up in my work/overland truck; what do I need to get it done right the first time? Also, is it possible to make this future-proof (like I can upgrade stuff if needed later)? Please make this as easy as possible, I'm new to this! ...I also want to add an inverter in the future."(Read More)

VIDEO: Inverter Training Video - Learn what you need to know about Inverters
Maybe not so much "cool" as it is helpful and informative?! We made an inverter training video for a company to use to train their employees... here is the result of that video made public for you to watch and learn all about power inverters! See the inverters here: (Watch it!)

ChatGPT and Open AI - are they taking over? Let's have AI write a blog about Power Inverters!
We ask ChatGPT to answer some questions and write some things for us, here are the results:
"Write a blog about Power Inverters"
Response: "Power inverters are devices that convert DC (direct current) power from a battery or other source into AC (alternating current) power that can be used to run household appliances and other electronic devices. They are often used in cars, trucks, RVs, boats, and other settings where access to AC power is limited or unavailable. There are several different types of power inverters available on the market, each with its own set of features and capabilities. Here are some of the key things you should know about power inverters:(Read More)

Vehicle Power Ecosystem: DC-DC Charger, Batteries, Solar, and Inverter all working together (Video)
For those who are visual learners, we've made a video explaining what a power eco-system is, why it is important to do it right, and how to create yours. (Video Here)

What is a Power Ecosystem? How can I make my vehicle more power-efficient?
What is a "power ecosystem"? The power ecosystem is the sum of all electrical components working together as a single congruent system. What does that mean and why is it important? 
Having an electrical system that "communicates" together ensures that everything works reliably and efficiently. This is especially important in automobiles with systems that include any combination of: lighting, refrigerators, solar panel, motorized kits (wheelchair lifts, awnings, powered gates, etc.), winch, trailer power, multiple batteries, sound systems, power tools, appliances, communications, power inverters, and other electrical loads or inputs. (Read More)

Customer Question: "Which DC to DC Charger Do I need?"
This is a common question that we get when it comes to our DC-DC Battery Chargers; the simple answer is:(Read More)

2023 My Camping Season Selections
It's camping season and I'm super excited for the upcoming trips we have planned! During the usual camping conversation that I often find myself in, the inevitable question will always be asked of me in some variation of: "what is the best camping products that you guys' have" or "what are your favorite items"? Here are my top items that I love taking camping with me!(Read More)

Dual battery system or portable power supply?
This is a question that we often get, "should I go with a dual-battery setup or get a portable power supply (Lithium Cube)?". The answer to that is dependent on your let's explore! First, we'll explain the differences in setup and then we can take a look at the pros and cons of both. (Read More)

VIDEO: New Product: DC to DC Battery Charger Lineup (#7410 & #7411)
We've launched two models of DC to DC Battery Chargers; 25A & 40A versions that will cover your battery charging needs!
25A Charger -
40A Charger -
Learn More - (Watch it!)

VIDEO: New Product Launch: DC to DC Battery Chargers in 25A & 40A - Wagan Tech
We've launched two models of DC to DC Battery Chargers; 25A & 40A versions that will cover your battery charging needs! See them here: (Watch it!)

VIDEO: TrueNorth470's Build: Looking at Solar Power System w/ Inverter & DC-DC Charger
truenorth470: A big THANK YOU goes out to Andrew (@truenorth470) for sharing this video/his set-up with us! (Watch it!)

VIDEO: Wagan Tech DC-DC Battery Chargers : Fully Potted Protection + rated water/dust/heat resistance
A potted PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is a process of filling a complete electronic assembly with a solid or gelatinous compound and is a lot thicker than a conformal coating. You'll often hear people call it, "fully potted". Potting is best accomplished by "pouring" the compound into the PCB holder while vibrating the assembly to remove air bubbles. (Watch it!)

What is "potting" or "potted" electronics? What is "conformal coating"?
Our Pure Line Power Inverters have a "Conformal Coating" while our DC to DC Chargers are "Potted"; people simply want to know what that means!(Read More)

Power Inverters : A simple explanation (how-to understand the package)
You're interested in power inverters, but don't want to read my lengthy blogs detailing all of the nuances... I get it. This blog will break-down the points and specifications of the inverter's box.
Deciphering "the code"
Let's take a look at one of our inverter boxes and break-down what each point means (I removed the French and Spanish translations from the packaging to make this lesson clearer).(Read More)

"Power To The People" by Graeme Bell at A2A Expedition (Power while Overlanding the globe)
If there was one thing I learned traveling West Africa (other than it is a really, really terrible idea to travel the entire West Africa, with kids, in the wet season, with an unreliable old Land Rover), it is that if your onboard electrical system is not up to the task of providing auxiliary power where and when you need it, well, you are going to be miserable. Our electrical system struggled to keep up with the demand due to a few factors, not least of which was the severity of the terrain. What we needed was a compact, robust, portable and reliable power system; if only we had invested in a Wagan Cube!!(Read More)

American Adventurist Long-Term Review (LTR): Wagan Tech Lithium Cube 1200
As time goes on, we humans tend to possess an ever-increasing number of powered devices. These devices do so many great things for us, which is why we want to bring them with us wherever we go. Yet thankfully the world isn’t covered in a grid of easy to access power outlets, so we have portable power supplies to keep our gear powered up when we’re off grid.(Read More)

Be Social with Wagan Tech
We really enjoy what we do and our customers love to share their journeys with us. We regularly share those photos, stories, and videos on social media. Whether you're looking for a nice photo, funny story, or informative video, we are posting them all! Check us out on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and more! (Read More)

Forbes Wheels puts out list of "Best Plug-In Electric Coolers For 2023"
We're happy to announce that Forbes Magazine (at has selected our popular 6L personal fridge/warmer as the "Best In-Car Cooler/Warmer" for 2023. (Read more)

VIDEO: 12V Electric Iceless Coolers (refrigerator) / Warmers - For Car, Camping, Overland, RV, Vans, etc.
Earth-Friendly Thermo-electric design: Our fridge/warmer series has no CFCs or refrigerant inside of the unit; there is nothing to leak out or deplete the ozone. The cooler/warmer uses thermo-electric cooling which is a simple transfer of electrical current and cools to about 40 degrees below ambient temperature. Learn more about thermo-electric coolers: (Watch it!)

Ballistic Magazine: "Best Adventure Gear: Condor Outdoor Hell & Back Care Package"
Ballistic Magazine recently published and article titled, "Best Adventure Gear: Condor Outdoor Hell & Back Care Package" which mentioned our Wayfinder LED Light amongst other amazing products! (Read more)

Condor Outdoor Selects our Wayfinder for SHOT Show 2023
Condor Outdoor decided to put-together a premium products VIP Swag bag to be given away to select individuals during the 2023 SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas, NV. Wagan Tech was contacted to be a part of the bag, of which we happily obliged. (Read more)

NEW PRODUCT: DigiSet Tire Inflator
Our newest inflator features automatic off feature when the user pre-set pressure is reached, backlit digital display, LED worklight, reading in PSI/KPA/BAR, and all of the components fit neatly in the compact case! (Read more)

VIDEO: In & Out Detachable Solar Wall Light (#8567) - Wireless, motion detecting, unlimited mounting option
Featuring a detachable LED light head, wireless (does not need to be plugged in), solar powered with unlimited mounting options, the In & Out Detachable Solar Wall Light is your ideal outdoor and indoor lighting solution. #ConvenientlyBright (Watch it!)

VIDEO: Unboxing : In & Out Detachable Solar Wall Light (#8567) - what's inside this wireless Solar Light?
See what's in the box, what's included, and the first-look at our newest solar led light! (Watch it!)

NEW PRODUCT: In & Out Detachable Solar Wall Light
Solar powered with no wiring required, the light can be mounted indoors or outdoors providing illumination where you need it most. The built-in motion sensor allows for hands-free operation while the detachable light head assures your mounting options are not limited by the sun's location. (Read more)

VIDEO: Solar Floodlight Comparison & Review - Which Solar Light is right for your needs? Motion or Remote?
Comparing Side-by-Side Bursting out of the shadows and blinding the competition, Wagan Tech has continued to lead the Solar Lighting market with innovation and impressive results. If you're in the market for a solar LED area or floodlight, look no further than the Wagan Tech line of Solar Area Flood Lights! They're completely self contained, waterproof, bright, and need no wiring! (Watch it!)

VIDEO: How Many Lumens Are Needed? Solar LED Flood Light Buying Guide
You're looking for a Solar Floodlight (or two) and noticed that there are a billion different options out there. I'm going to go over the specs, models, and compare some of our Solar Floodlights so that you may find the model that is right for your needs! (Watch it!)

VIDEO: Solar Powered | LED Flood light | with Motion Sensor - Models Overview - No Wiring! By Wagan Tech
Lights seen in this video:
2000 Lumen Solar Wall Light #8569
1000 Lumen Solar Micro Wall LED Light #8570
Solar + LED Floodlight 1600 #8586
Solar + LED Floodlight 800 #8588
Solar + LED Floodlight 2000 #8590
Solar + LED Floodlight 3000 #8591
Need help finding he right light for your needs? Click here: No wires, low-cost, and efficient lighting anywhere. Maintenance and worry-free Solar Lighting is for you! (Watch it!)

VIDEO: Solar Floodlights! A complete look at Wagan Tech Solar LED Floodlights line
Wagan Tech Solar LED Floodlights 2022 Overview of Wagan Tech's Solar Outdoor Lighting category. Click on the links to learn more... (Watch it!)

VIDEO: Wayfinder XL #4345 Features - Your answer to Road, Camping, Emergency, and around-the-house lighting
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Department Of Transportation (DOT) recommends every vehicle carry a flashlight and road flares.
The Wayfinder XL satisfies those recommendations by providing a 1000 Lumen Rechargeable LED worklight on the front and a safety orange LED light on the reverse side.
• Front: Dimmable Worklight with Memory function
On the front of the Wayfinder XL is a dimmable 1000 lumen LED worklight. This extremely bright white light is able to illuminate you and your vehicle; adding better visibility for passing motorists on the road. The light is step-dimmable from 1000 lumens all the way down to 50 lumens and has a memory function that turns the light on at the last brightness setting used. (Watch it!)

The Wayfinder XL features a strap-type handle that is adjustable and opens up allowing the light to be easily hung. A folding stand allows the user to position the light at any desired angle, while the embedded magnets ensure the light remains stationary when placed on a metal (ferrous) surface. We also added a common 1/4-20 UNC camera thread for mounting the light to a tripod, any other camera-related accessory. (Read more)

VIDEO: Comparing FREDs - LED safety flares- which one is better? 2639 vs. 4340
We're often asked what the difference between our FRED models is. This quick video will showcase a few of the differences between the two models. (Watch it!)

We have updated and re-released the FRED PRO. In this release, we have introduced a Safety Amber version with Amber LEDs and an Amber Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) coating along with the original Safety Red version. DOT Compliant under 49CFR § 392.25 & 393.95(g) (Read more)

Now Offering: "Extended Warranty" with Extend
Extend is a product protection solution for consumers who want an added "peace of mind" for their purchases. This protection is available for most consumer products on; see product page for details or click: (Learn More)

Press Release issued: DC to DC Battery Chargers
Our official company press release for our DC to DC Battery Chargers was issued through Business Wire. Click on the following link to see the official press release on Business Wire's site (external link). (Read more)

Wagan Corp. Press & Media Newsroom
We've launched a resource page for those in the media and news outlets looking for more information about the company and our products. You'll find images, press releases, news information, hashtags, contacts, links, and logos all in one central location. (Read more)

VIDEO: First Impression - "This vacuum sucks!" - 12V Cyclone Auto Vac by Wagan Tech #7207
I was seriously impressed at the speed and suction-ability of this cyclone vac, hence the reason for this dirty/impromptu video! This vacuum sucks! This is a real first impression video although I am an employee at Wagan. (Watch it!)

NEW PRODUCT: Slimline PLUS 1250 Inverter
Part of the next generation of Slimline Inverters, the new Slimline PLUS 1250 Inverter features 3 AC outlets, USB power port, Remote switch, and LED display. Sticking with tradition, the new Slimline is has TrueRated power and is compact in size. Learn more about the new Slimline Inverter. (Read more)

VIDEO: SlimLine Plus 1250 Power Inverter #3732 - Features
Compact and powerful! 3 AC outlets with TrueRated Power™. Outputs 1250 watts continuous, no exceptions! See it here: (Watch it!)

NEW PRODUCTS: DC to DC Battery Chargers
We've just released two new devices to complete our power eco-system; a 40A DC to DC Battery Charger and a 25A DC to DC Battery Charger. These are on-board smart battery chargers that monitor and maintain your vehicle's auxiliary battery and allows the use of solar panels too. (Read more)

VIDEO: Kate The Jeep unboxing the NEW Wayfinder XL light by Wagan Tech
From Kate The Jeep:
Rigged For Dirt at:
Kate The Jeep unboxes and shows the feature of our new Wayfinder XL Light. (Watch it!)

VIDEO: Unboxing the Wagan Tech Lithium Cube 325 in Guatemala! A2A Expeditions
"We have been using the Lithium Cube 1200 for almost a year now and it has become essential to our work as “digital nomads”. The Cube 325 gives us that much more flexibility and allows us to charge and run our devices while on the road. Compact and powerful the Cube 325 is quickly charged via the Wagan portable solar panel and is itself highly portable." (Watch it!)

VIDEO: Your FAQ - Lithium Cube models - Portable Power Supply Frequently Asked Questions
Here are the answers to all of the questions that we've heard regarding the Lithium Cube Line (blog will be updated as additional questions are asked: This covers all 3 of the new Lithium Cube Models (Watch it!)

NEW PRODUCT: 68W Folding Solar Panel
This panel works beautifully with our Lithium Cube 325 and Lithium Cube 500 portable power supplies. This will take your PPS from a standalone unit to a true Solar Generator! (Read more)

VIDEO: How To Use A Car Battery Charger
Justin is back and this time, he's showing you how to use our battery chargers. For more information on these automotive chargers... (Watch it!)

VIDEO: All about Intelligent Battery Chargers: Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Answered!
Here we answered most of the frequently asked questions that people have about our battery chargers. (Watch it!)

VIDEO: How To Choose The Right Battery Maintainer / Charger for your Car or Motorcycle!
All Battery Chargers: You're looking to get a battery charger and you want to know which one to get; all you have to do is answer 3 questions! (Watch it!)

We're Heading to Overland Expo PNW 2022!
We've had just enough time to come back from the Overland Expo West show in Arizona, dust off, eat, and re-stock before having to hit the road for Redmond, Oregon. We're at the Overland Expo PNW at the Deschutes County Fairground for the inaugural Overland Expo PNW show! Located at Booth A135, we're next to a lot of industry friends including: (Read more)

In Memoriam: Jack Colton
It's with great sadness that I report our dear friend and Wagan Technician, Jack Colton has passed away. Jack worked tirelessly behind the scenes lending his technical expertise to customers, retailers and our team as we develop, troubleshoot, and tear down products. He was instrumental in the development of many of our products including our inverters, our power supplies, like the Cube, Case and even our jumpstarters. (Read more)

We're Heading to Overland Expo West 2022!
We've hit the road and are on our way to OX2022 in Flagstaff, AZ. During the show, we're offering 20% off of all products (at the show and on our website)! If you're at the show, check your attendee bag for our coupon that allows you to receive a free #Camplite Dome Lantern! (Read more)

VIDEO: iOnBoost V8 Air : Jump Starter, Air Compressor, Power Bank, Flashlight (Features) #7526
Utilizing the same 4S battery technology from our popular iOnBoost TORQUE Series, the all new iOnBoost V8 Air combines a powerful jump starter with a digitally controlled air compressor, USB QC3.0 power port and flashlight. Learn More about it here: it!)

VIDEO: Unboxing: iOnBoost V8 AIR - jump starter, air compressor, battery bank - Wagan Tech #7526
You asked for it, here it is! It's an unboxing video for our new iOnBoost V8 AIR; see what's inside, what's included, and be entertained while you watch.(Watch it!)

NEW PRODUCT: iOnBoost V8 Air
Utilizing the same 4S battery technology from our popular iOnBoost TORQUE Series, the all new iOnBoost V8 Air combines a powerful jump starter with a digitally controlled air compressor, USB power ports, and flashlight. (Read more)

NEW PRODUCT: Diamond LED Flare
Our Diamond LED Flare design came from the same lineage as our famous "F.R.E.D. Light"; made popular by TV show appearances and loved by first responders worldwide. Our reusable Diamond LED Flare is waterproof, dustproof, and DOT Compliant under 49CFR §392.25 & §393.95(g). (Read more)

Let's Go with Airstream Travel Trailers
We've teamed up with the iconic Airstream Travel Trailers brand to outfit owners with the very best gear for their travel trailer or coach. You can see the latest gear at their website: Airstream Supply Company

NEW PRODUCT: 100W Folding Solar Panel
Our Solar panel is a plug-and-play type of panel; simply plug in to your device, unfold, and you're ready to go. The panel is a high-quality semi-rigid panel that is flexible and able to withstand real-world use. The whole unit folds in half for portability, has deployable legs to keep panel at optimal angle towards the sun, has a soft carrying handle, and has a small zippered storage case for cables, tools, and adapters (not included). (Read more)

TREAD Magazine: Cover Story & "Power Banks" Article
In the Jan/Feb. 2022 issue of Tread Magazine, Trucky McTruckface's vehicle was featured on the cover. He mentions using our Lithium Cube 1200 to power his appliances. Later in the issue, TREAD Magazine conducted a test of the best portable power stations where the Wagan Tech Lithium Cube 1200 was once again featured. (Read More)

Brite-Nite DUO USB Lantern Features (VIDEO)
You asked for it and here it is; introducing our Dome USB Lantern V2 known as the "DUO USB Lantern". Our new light encompasses all of the great features of the original Dome USB Lantern with the addition of a spot flashlight and dimming functions! (Watch Video)

NEW PRODUCT: Brite-Nite DUO USB Lantern
Just Landed - Your favorite #Camplite just got better! We added a dimming function, spotlight & floodlight, and multi-mode! Our new light encompasses all of the great features of the original Dome USB Lantern with the addition of a spot flashlight and dimming functions. Featuring a built-in USB charging cable and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the new DUO also has: two folding hanging hooks, powerful embedded magnets, USB output, and non-slip rubber feet. (Read more)

Easily Winterize Your Vehicle - DIY the right way
"Winterizing your vehicle" is about two things: preparing your powersports vehicle for storage and regarding your safety while driving in snow or less-than-ideal road conditions. These are mostly easy "DIY" steps that you can do yourself! (Read more)

NEW PRODUCT: Luxury Heated Seat Cushion
This is a venerable favorite of our customers and has been redesigned because of you! We took all of the feedback given to us regarding our original Soft Velour Heated Seat Cushion, and implemented those great ideas into this new iteration. What we came up with is a better looking, better functioning, more ergonomic, more durable, and overall better Soft Velour Heated Seat Cushion! Wait until you get one in your hands, you will agree that it is perfect. (Read more)

VIDEO: Portable Solar Powered Generator features by Shandra | Solar E Power Cube 1500 Plus | Wagan Tech
Wagan Tech's Solar e Power Cube Plus Solar Generator is the ultimate portable power source. Simply charge the internal battery using its 5 total solar panels, which fold out from the top and roll out from each side, and use the power to run your AC, USB or DC devices from anywhere. Recharge the built-in 100 AH AGM/gel hybrid battery faster using the included home AC or vehicle DC outlet. (Watch it!)

NEW PRODUCT: Solar ePower Cube 1500 Lithium
The year was 2012 when Wagan Tech released the first ever true solar generator in the market known as the Solar ePower Cube 1500. "The Cube" (as we affectionately call it) was an instant success and won awards including "Best in Class" during that year's National Hardware Show. The very next year we began working with Sirona Cares by donating Solar Cubes to empower locals with self-sustaining Haitian-run enterprises. (Read more) now offers Shop Pay - no fees, no interest payments, 4 installments
We're proud to announce that we have added Shop Pay as a payment option at checkout. If you're wondering what shop pay is or have questions about it, read on! I'll be honest, I have seen these "4 easy payment/installment" options on other websites for a long time and I never ventured to see what they're about. I assumed that they we're some sort of layaway or financed payment option, but I didn't want to pay any additional fees or interest on my purchase, so I left well-enough alone. (Read more)

VIDEO: Rebelle Rally 2021 Sponsor Highlight: Wagan Tech
Once again, we're proud to be partnered up with such a great event! Want to learn more about the Rebelle? See below! "The Rebelle Rally is the first women’s off-road navigation rally raid in the United States. Blending the love of driving with the ultimate challenge of precise navigation, the Rebelle tests your skills over 8 days of competition. (Watch it!)

Rebelle Rally 2021 Live - Updates
Rebelle Rally Field Updates - Updated daily during the 2021 running of the Rebelle Rally (Read more)

Expedition Portal: Field Tested – Wagan Tech
I am not going to lie. Electricity and I are not amigos; we have not reached an understanding. In the past, I have regarded electricity as necessary but fickle, demanding and potentially dangerous, expensive and unreliable – like the ex-wife I have yet to marry. For years we have struggled with onboard power as we travel across the world. We have invested in deep-cycle batteries, flexible solar panels, smart chargers, inverters, and expensive hardware, but satisfaction has been elusive. Those days of frustration have now been relegated to the recycle bin of experience. (Read more)

Overland Expo West 2021 : American Adventurist
For what feels like forever, Overland Expo West has been part of the calendar, like a holiday or some event that is just always in May. It’s just always assumed that it’s going to be there, it’s just a question of which weekend in May. (Read more)

Hurricane on the Horizon - How to Weather the Storm
In this concise blog, I will talk about what you should do to prepare to shelter in place and what you should do to prepare to evacuate a hurricane zone. First things first, prepare now. The longer you wait, the less supplies are available. Stock up on things you'll need including food, water, prescription medicine, pet food (don't forget to include pets in your plan!), power supplies, and other goods. (Read more)

Thunderstorm, Flood, Power Outages & How to Prepare
Thunderstorm already hitting your area - is this blog too late? Nope. Take a look at some tips on how to prepare for a weather-related disasters like thunderstorms and the ensuing threats they pose... and what you can do right now if one has made landfall. (Read more)

Solar Floodlight Comparison - which one fits your needs?
Hopefully you found this blog before being overwhelmed by our selection of Solar Floodlights (SFLs)! I have broken-down our current Solar Floodlight offerings into manageable pieces so that you can easily determine which one(s) are right for your needs. (Read more)

Our Pure Line Inverter was installed and mentioned in the following TREAD Magazine article:
In 1977, Bert Garrison Sr. ordered this beautiful Alpine White 1978 Jeep J20 from Hinkle’s Jeep Sales in Pickens, South Carolina—at the time, the largest Jeep dealer in the world. The order was for a long wheelbase, three-quarter ton, no frills work truck. The plan was for it to be used in a small home-hauling business before eventually getting a slide-in truck camper. (Read More)

What is the difference between a 12V Fridge and 12V Cooler?
Want to know the differences between an electric fridge and an electric cooler (you know, the ones that plug into your car)? What is a thermo-electric plate? How Do these coolers work? What is a Peltier plate? What are the benefits/drawbacks of these type of coolers? Read on! (Read More)

Rebelle Rally 2021: We're sponsoring Team #106 Wild Grace
We're proud to announce that we will be sponsoring Team Wild Grace during the 2021 running of the Rebelle Rally! This team is made up of two extraordinary people; Sedona Blinson and Lyn Woodward. Both are veteran competitors who have competed in the Rebelle for... (Read More)

Rebelle Rally 2021: We're sponsoring Team MTNSUBI
We're excited to announce that we will be sponsoring Team #204, MTNSUBI! This team is driven by Carey Lando and Navigator Laura Fino. They'll be driving a 2014... (Read More)

We're at it again: Sponsoring the Rebelle Rally 2021
We're proud to announce that we will be sponsoring the Rebelle Rally for the 2021 season! Catch the event live as it streams from Oct. 7 -16, 2021. Since the inception of the Rebelle Rally, we have been huge fans of what it is about and what the event stands for. 8 days of navigating in the field (with only a... (Read More)

NEW PRODUCTS: ComfyGel Cushion Series
Following the success of our popular RelaxFusion line of gel-top memory foam cushions, we've developed a second generation of ultra comfortable and portable cushions that you can take with you anywhere you go - we call them "ComfyGel" cushions. (Read More)

Michelin MLL Products Feature on the TORQUE Show
Recently on The Torque Show, our Michelin 1000 Lumen Rechargeable LED Work Light and our Michelin High Visibility LED Road Flare were featured in a special segment. "The Torque Show presented by MICHELIN is a livestream talk show focused on IMSA sports car racing. Hosted by former IMSA Champions, Tommy Kendall and Justin Bell, The Torque Show brings IMSA racing to life for fans around the world in a lively format that only livestream talk can provide.(Read More)

"Recovering My Neighborhood" - We're helping to revitalize areas of Panama
Wagan Tech is proud to be a part of Panama's Presidential flagship project called, Recuperando Mi Barrio or "Recovering My Neighborhood". This project is aimed at revitalizing areas of Panama and bringing employment to those areas.(Read More)

VIDEO: Recuperando Mi Barrio - Panama Video
This project is aimed at revitalizing areas of Panama and bringing employment to those areas; we're excited to be a helping part of this project! (Watch it!)

VIDEO: We Believe in Measuring Our Success By The Impact We Make in People’s Lives
At Wagan, we are always growing, always learning, and always improving for the better. We believe in measuring our success by the impact we make in people’s lives. For nearly 38 years, Wagan's mission has been to use the company as a vessel to improve the livelihoods of those we come in contact with. Our involvement in the community and worldwide are both personal and heartfelt. Here are just a few highlights of how Wagan helped the livelihoods of people around the world: (Watch it!)

NEW PRODUCT: Auto Power Vacuum - This Vacuum Sucks!
We just added another powerful and affordable 12V vacuum to our lineup, the "Auto Power Vacuum". This new vacuum is 12 volt DC powered (plugs into your vehicle's 12 volt accessory socket) and features our powerful120 watt motor. With a washable and reusable filter, this stylish vacuum is ready to take on your vehicle's cleaning tasks! (Read More)

We're helping Eco-Tourism in Isla Contoy
Our LatAm (Latin America) office was contacted by the Park Director of Isla Contoy, María del Carmen García Rivas, seeking efficient solar lighting to illuminate common pedestrian areas of the park. The goal was to have a wireless light that provided enough illumination to be effective, but wasn't creating light pollution around the Isla; our lights proved to be perfect as they feature a motion sensor that allows them to illuminate at full brightness when someone is passing by, but reduces light output once motion has ceased.(Read More)

VIDEO: What Does It Mean To Be Road Ready?
Road Ready seems like a simple word consisting of two innocuous parts, "road" meaning the driving surface, and "ready" meaning to be prepared.
For us, "Road Ready" is an all-encompassing term that starts from your home and ends at your destination.
Being Road Ready begins before you even leave the house. Part of being prepared is not only having what you need, but being mentally and physically prepared. If you are intoxicated, tired, or otherwise incapable of traveling, you are not Road Ready.
In preparations for travels, we manufacture air compressors, 12V tools, battery chargers, and jump starters that ensure your vehicle is able to safely and reliably operate on the road.
We keep you and your vehicle, #RoadReady. (Watch it!)

VIDEO: See what Customers are saying about the new Lithium Cubes - Chris
Chris got to test out the new Lithium Cube models - this is what he had to say. See the new Lithium Cube models here: Follow Chris: (Watch it!)

VIDEO: See what Customers are saying about the new Lithium Cubes - Mike @socialpants
Mike @socialpants got to test out the new Lithium Cube models - this is what he had to say. See the new Lithium Cube models here: Follow Mike: (Watch it!)

VIDEO: Frank @trucky_mctruckface shows off his Lithium Cube 1200
This is a portion of the livestream that Frank @trucky_mctruckface did for his followers. During that stream, he showed his Wagan Tech Lithium Cube 1200 and pointed out the features and specs of it. This livestream vlog video was used with permission by Frank @trucky_mctruckface.(Watch it!)

VIDEO: Lithium Cube Launch Event - Wagan Tech - 05.19.2021
Today we're releasing something that I am really excited about. This has been a long time in the making and I can't wait to tell you what it is. They are 3 Lithium power supplies known as the "Lithium Cube 325", "Lithium Cube 500", and the "Lithium Cube 1200"!(Watch it!)

NEW PRODUCTS: Lithium Cube
We just released 3 new lithium powered portable power supply units known as the "Lithium Cube" Series. They are 3 models: the "Lithium Cube 325", "Lithium Cube 500", and the "Lithium Cube 1200"! (Read More)

NEW PRODUCTS: Solar + LED Floodlight 2000 & 3000 ALT
Extending our popular Solar Floodlight category, we're introducing the next generation with our new Adaptive Lighting Technology or "A.L.T." for short. Our A.L.T. program adapts the light output based upon the battery's charge, optimizing the light's run-time of up to 10 nights! (Read More)

Overland Bound Completes Third Trail Guardian Clean Up in the Mojave National Preserve
It was a weekend of hard work, camaraderie and perfect weather in the Mojave National Preserve. With the help and guidance of OB/Trail Guardian Executive Director Kent Reynolds, over 100 Overland Bound members joined together in the Mojave National Preserve to take on three major projects in partnership with the US National Park Service (NPS).(Read More)

Hersch X Build: Raising support to provide clean drinking water
We're proud to announce our involvement in the @theherschx build which is raising awareness and support for @voxwater mission to provide sustainable clean drinking water to people in sub-Saharan Africa. (Read More)

Wagan Tech joins Overland Bound Mojave Cleanup event:
From Thursday through Sunday (11.12.20 - 11.15.20), Wagan participated in the "Mojave National Preserve Facelift/Trail Guardian Event" that was put on by our friends @Overland Bound in conjunction with the National Park Service.(Read More)

VIDEO: Overland Bound Mojave Desert Clean-Up 2020
From the National Park Service News Release Mojave National Preserve – November 19, 2020. Mojave National Preserve hosted its largest ever Volunteers in Parks (VIP) program in its 26 year history on November 14. Overland Bound – a vehicle dependent recreation and environmental advocacy organization – brought 86 VIPs to Mojave National Preserve to remove trash and fire debris from 3 areas at Mojave National Preserve: Death Valley Mine, Kessler Ranch and Billy Boy Mine. Volunteers removed tons of trash and other debris from the 3 sites, completely filling 2 commercial-sized dumpsters. Mojave National Preserve’s Chief of Science and Resource Stewardship Debra Hughson said, “The preserve is grateful for the hard work and dedication to public lands demonstrated by Overland Bound. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Overland Bound to complete a variety of volunteer projects in the coming months.” Volunteers from Overland Bound completed 688 hours of service on November 14, with a monetary value of $18,371.60. (Watch it!)

VIDEO: Using the Wagan Tech iOnBoost TORQUE V10 on Toyota Tundra - by: Sir William Goes
Wagan Tech iOnBoost TORQUE V10: "Recently my buddy LJ asked if I could pick up some doors he had been looking for and I used this as an excuse to do some overlanding and exploring in the Ozark's. What we didn't expect was to run into snow! We didn't let that stop us though! We loaded up Austin our Toyota Tundra and set out for some fun. 𝙏𝙝𝙖𝙣𝙠𝙨 𝙁𝙤𝙧 𝙍𝙞𝙙𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝘼𝙡𝙤𝙣𝙜!!" (Watch it!)

VIDEO: Overland Bound - Do You NEED Dual Batteries?
"The Wagan Tech iOnBoost V10:
My battery: NorthStar AGM Group 24 (SLI24FAGMDP) Dual Purpose battery Get right size for your rig. " (Watch it!)

We're Sponsoring the Rebelle Rally & Team Waypoint Wanderers!
The Rebelle Rally covers more than 2,000 kilometers of stunning terrain across the Nevada and California desert. It is designed as a hybrid of serious competition and the ultimate road trip. We like to think of it as the total package. (Read More)

VIDEO: Rebelle Rally 2020 - Sponsor Highlight: Wagan Tech
We're proud to be partnered up with such a great event!This year we're sponsoring the Waypoint Wanderers #148 team of Anna and Andrea! Anna (Instagram @FJ_Anna) Andrea (Instagram @4wlnmom) Official Rebelle Team #148 (Watch it!)

Michelin USA hops aboard the help train! Covid Faceshields for #CovidWarriors
The Michelin Lifestyle and Experience team in the USA, along with some family members, spent a day volunteering to make PPE face shields for Michelin licensee, Wagan. Wagan Corporation usually make high visibility LED road flares, work lights and a portable multi-function power source, but due to the Covid-19 crisis decided to take action to help slow the spread of the virus by making PPE face shields.(Read More)

A huge THANK YOU for your help and support! #CovidWarriors face shields
Amidst the chaos, people came out (safely) en masse to pick up the #CovidWarrior kits! Our Wagan Tech family would like to thank each and every person who donated, assembled, distributed, or otherwise helped out this worthy cause for 1st responders and healthcare workers! THANK YOU! (Read More)

We NEED Your Help - PPE for 1st Responders! (Completed)
The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has left many first responders (ex: police, firefighter, doctors, nurses, medical assistants and janitorial staff) in the vulnerable position of providing care and service to their communities at the risk of becoming sick themselves. The nationwide shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) has placed those who rush in to care for us, no questions asked, at great risk. Our first responders, or who we call COVID Warriors, are often left to reusing their set of PPE over multiple shifts. (Read More)

We've partnered with Lightforce!
Lightforce has been around for a long time, and with good reason. Years ago, I remember seeing them on the front bumper of Alaska State Trooper vehicles and saw them put to use on those midnight dark Alaskan backgrounds. I've always thought that Lightforce products were superior to other lighting brands in the market.
Fast forward to SEMA 2019 where we ran into Brian at the Lightforce booth. After taking a look at the latest offerings and being blown away by the new HTX2 and the ROK40, we started to consider where we could fit these daylight-producing beasts on our LX470 build. After some considerable chatting, Lightforce happily agreed to be a partner in this build. (Read More)

VIDEO: 4K Lightforce Delivery: Venom, ROK40 & HTX2 - Unboxing
Lightforce delivery unboxing! We just received this shipment from Lightforce this morning, let's see what's inside!!! This is the first in a series of in-depth reviews of Lightforce lighting! @lightforce_usa (Watch it!)

2nd Annual NorCal Toy Drive
What: Mark your calendars for Saturday, December 7, 2019. The 2nd Annual NorCal Toy Drive will be from 10AM to 3PM at Old Kan Beer & Co. (95 Linden St, Oakland, CA 94607). We encourage attendees to bring new and un-wrapped toys.

Why: Toy donations will benefit the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland.(Read More)

VIDEO: Someone Dumped a Pile of Dirt on Our Driveway So We Did This!
What else would you do in this case? (Watch it!)

VIDEO: Road Ready Seat Protector - Water-Resistant, Cut-Resistant Car Seat Cover
Our Seat Protector is Ready to take on the Road ahead; whether you're into extreme sports, work outdoors, or just have messy kids, our seat protector will help keep your seats clean and protected. (Watch it!)

Ilumexico: Mexico's government project to help rural communities
Wagan partnered with Ilumexico in order to reach underserved communities in rural Mexico. Through the partnership, we are able to provide a better way of life by electrifying the villages.(Read More)

VIDEO: Ilumexico: Mexico's government project to help rural communities
Wagan Tech is proud that we are able to partner with Ilumexico and the Mexican government with our PureLine inverters. We look forward to the day that we are able to see the impacts of lives changed in rural communities. Learn More: it!)

VIDEO: Chanelle introduces the new iOnBoost V8 TORQUE by Wagan Tech
The ultra-compact lithium jump starter, power bank, and LED light. (Watch it!)

VIDEO: How To Jump start Your Car With A Compact Jump Starter
Using a small jumper pack to jump start a large truck. We'll show you how easy, safe, and fun it is to do it! (Watch it!)

VIDEO: How To Jumpstart A Hybrid Car Using A Jump Start - Honda Insight 2019
We jumpstart a Honda hybrid car to show you how it is done with a modern-day lithium jumpstarter battery jumper. (Watch it!)

VIDEO: (Surprise!) How To Jump Start a Vehicle using a Lithium Jumper Pack - iOnBoost V8 TORQUE
Chanelle shows you how to properly jump start a vehicle using the Wagan Tech iOnBoost V8 TORQUE! Learn More: Did you notice the Man-Hands?! (Watch it!)

VIDEO: How many jumps on a single charge? iOnBoost V10 TORQUE Lithium ion jump starter
Customer Question: "How many jump-starts can you get on a single charge?" Wagan Tech: Let's find out! Just remember, it only takes one jump from our iOnBoost to get you back on the road! We disconnected the LX470's (V8) two batteries to make sure they do not help in the test. Our new 4S battery design out-jumps the competition and we proved it right here! See the iOnBoost TORQUE Series here: (Watch it!)

VIDEO: Chris Voss Show Reviews the Wagan Tech iOnBoost V8 TORQUE - Portable Jump Starter, Battery Booster
Content from the Chris Voss Show located here:
Chris Voss YouTube Channel:
Also see the New iOnBoost V8 TORQUE here: (Watch it!)

VIDEO: Comparing Jump Starters - The iOnBoost TORQUE V8 & V10 lipo battery jumper comparison
What is the difference between the iOnBoost TORQUE V8 & V10 models? Here they are! (Watch it!)

VIDEO: How to use the best Jump Starter out there - iOnBoost V10 TORQUE #7507
It always happens at the worst time; a dead battery. Luckily the iOnBoost TORQUE series is easy-to-use, safe for everyone, and ultra-effective at starting gas and diesel engines! Learn More here: it!)

VIDEO: iOnBoost V10 TORQUE vs. 6.6L Duramax Diesel with batteries disconnected - will it start?
We put our product to the test and prove its stated capability! iOnBoost TORQUE Units: We disconnect both batteries on a 2018 Chevy 6.6L Duramax diesel and attempt to start this high-compression motor using only the iOnBoost V10 TORQUE. No trickery, no retakes; this is an actual test that was filmed as you see it.(Watch it!)

NEW PRODUCT: iOnBoost TORQUE Jump Starter Series
The iOnBoost TORQUE Series is here! First showcased at the AAPEX Show in late 2019, the long sought after next generation lithium jump starter is finally in our warehouse and ready to ship! Real-World Testing We put our money where our mouth is and completed real-world testing on the TORQUE series; printed numbers can be fudged to make products look good, but real-world testing does not lie!(Read More)

VIDEO: Auto Sport Heated Seat Cushion
Intentionally designed to fit the inner contour of modern bucket seats, the Auto Sport Heated Seat Cushion delivers a sporty new design that looks tailor fit for your ride! (Watch it!)

VIDEO: Brite-Nite Wayfinder LED Light & Lantern (#4306) - The Best LED Light of 2019 - Wagan Tech
Born from a company who loves the outdoors, the Wayfinder LED Light is an amalgamation of the best outdoor lighting implements; a high intensity LED Flashlight, broad-beam COB LED Lantern, and a rechargeable Li-ion battery. At work or play, let the Wayfinder lead the way. (Watch it!)

NEW PRODUCT: Brite-Nite Wayfinder LED Light
Brand New for 2019, the Brite-Nite Wayfinder LED Light is being launched just in time for your next adventures. The Wayfinder was created from the best lighting options available with the idea of introducing a light that was compact but could perform in real-world situations. Utilizing customer feedback from our popular #Camplite series, the Wayfinder was born.(Read More)

NEW PRODUCT: Michelin High Visibility LED Road Flare
When you want to be seen, you can depend on the new Michelin High Visibility LED Road Flare (MHVLRF). Ideal for road-side emergencies like: flat tire, disabled vehicle, car-accident, or other on-road incidents; the Michelin High Visibility LED Road Flare will help you be seen and be safe.(Read More)

VIDEO: SEMA Highlights 2019 with Overland Bound, Wagan Tech, and Lightforce Lighting
This is the interview with our company President, Alex - talking about our #Camplites, Pure Line Inverters, and other Wagan Tech goodies! The second part is with our friends and sponsor: Lightforce lighting. We take a look at their lights and specifically the AWESOME Lightforce HTX2! (Watch it!)

AAPEX Recap - Scenes from SEMA and our BIG NEWS
The Michelin Man (real name: Bibendum) hung out at our booth to celebrate the unveiling of our BIG NEWS; a partnership formed between Wagan Corp. and Michelin Tire Company! (Read More)

VIDEO: Easy Air Auto Screen - Bug Screens For Car Camping
Enjoy the breeze without the bugs and sun; all while keeping your car cooler! Our Easy Air auto Screen is super easy to install and remove.
Our Easy Air auto Screen is a simple slip-on screen that works on most vehicles and helps to keep the sun and bugs out.
To install the Easy Air auto Screen is simple; open your car door, slide the screen over the top of the door, and fasten... that's it! To remove the screen, simply open the door and pull it off.
The Easy Air auto Screen can be used any time you want to shade the interior of your car; at the park, at the beach, or on warm summer days. Our screen works especially well when you're visiting places with a lot of flying bugs. (Watch it!)

VIDEO: Wagan Tech - Outdoor Retailer Show 2020
This is our company introduction video for the 2020 Outdoor Retailer Show. About the OR Show: "This is Where NEW Happens in the Outdoor Industry Outdoor Retailer is the world’s leading business-to-business outdoor sports show where industry brands, retailers, reps, designers, suppliers and leaders gather.
Each year, Outdoor Retailer is a must-attend for those serious about the outdoor and snowsports industry. From writing new orders to finding new accounts, launching new brands to making new connections, Outdoor Retailer is where the new happens. And with its conferences, training sessions, leadership seminars and educational opportunities, the show is a must-attend event. (Watch it!)

We’ve Teamed up with Michelin USA!
That’s right, Wagan Tech and Internationally recognized Michelin Tire Company have come together to bring you Automotive Accessories that focus on premium driving pleasure, high performance, and safety for the road ahead.(Read More)

F.R.E.D. Light featured in Battlbox Mission 31 (M31)
The @battlbox monthly Mission Box is in your mail box (M31) and our FRED Light was included in each delivery! We had no idea that it was included, but there are going to be a lot of happy #battlbox subscribers out there!(Read More)

Wagan Sponsors Napa Auto Parts Nascar #12 Hector Gonzalez Jr.
HAYWARD, Calif.—(Wagan Corporation)-- Wagan Tech® has partnered with NAPA Auto Parts Mexico (NAPA Racing Partes Mexico) to sponsor the #12 NAPA Auto Partes NASCAR piloted by Hector Gonzalez Jr. Hailing from Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico, Hector is only 32 years old yet already holds a distinguished racing career.(Read More)

New Product Category: Healthmate® Products: Because Your Health Matters
Wagan Corporation is proud to announce the launch of our HealthMate line; focusing on Health and Wellness devices for everyone. Included in the HealthMate line are Heated Seat Cushions, Active Heat Back and Knee Wraps, Exercise Machines, Massage Cushions, Heat/Massage Belt, and the RelaxFusion line of memory foam cushions and pads. (Read More)

AUDIO PODCAST: NHS 2018 Live Podcast / Radio Show Featuring Wagan Tech (Audio) - Solar + LED Floodlight 1000
Justin Gray from Wagan Tech presenting the "Solar + LED Floodlight 1000 Remote Controlled" to the Carey brothers on their live broadcast radio / podcast show called, "On the House" during the 2018 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. (Audio w/ picture slideshow) See the "Solar + LED Floodlight 1000 Remote Controlled" here: it!)

Solar Streetlights and Solar Flood Lights Series debuted at National Hardware Show
Coming out of the shadows and making their bright debut at the 2016 National Hardware Show with great reception, the new Wagan Tech line of Self-Contained Solar Flood and Area Lights will make your life easier, safer, and worry-free.(Read More)

NEW PRODUCT: Camplite Series
Wagan Tech has developed a series of new Lanterns that will change night time lighting forever. We’re introducing the #CampLites Pop-Up Lanterns and Dome Lanterns in two variations; one takes regular AA or AAA batteries (respectively), the other has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that functions as a powerbank too!(Read More)

Butte Fire: Good rises from the ashes
The Butte Fire began on September 9, 2015 in Amador County of California and spread to the neighboring Calaveras County. As the smoke cleared, 2 residents perished in the fire, 70,868 acres were burned, and a total of 863 Buildings/Structures were destroyed. One of our customers, Susanne F., owns property within this region and some of her belongings were unfortunately lost to this catastrophic event.(Read More)

VIDEO: #CESLive Power to Go with Wagan (Originally posted on GeekBeat)
(Originally posted on GeekBeat) "See all our videos related to CES at
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Geek Beat is one of the world’s most recognizable technology news brands, delivering daily tech news, tips, and reviews. Our mission, quite simply, is to enlighten, educate, and entertain." (Watch it!)

Wagan Tech - Our Continued Development Process
Wagan Corporation is a leader in developing and manufacturing high-tech products such as power inverters, portable power supplies, solar power units and other consumer electronic accessories. We perform in-house R&D and prototyping to develop products that will make your life more comfortable and convenient. Some of the prototypes that we produce are born from ideas sent to us by our customer’s needs and wants; others are born out of necessity from our creative imaginations. (Read More)

Sirona's 1st Sustainable Business Plan Contest In Haiti
Sirona has worked for years on developing sustainable businesses in Haiti based upon alternative energy. The goal has always been to move from charity to self-sustaining programs that are Haitian-run enterprises. We have successfully worked in both biofuel and solar, and now we are turning our experience into opportunity for small scale entrepreneurs in Leogane, Haiti. (Read More)