Michelin USA hops aboard the help train! Covid Faceshields for #CovidWarriors

Michelin USA hops aboard the help train! Covid Faceshields for #CovidWarriors

Justin G7/31/20

From Michelin USA:

Michelin USA - Wagan Covid Faceshields

"The Michelin Lifestyle and Experience team in the USA, along with some family members, spent a day volunteering to make PPE face shields for Michelin licensee, Wagan.

Wagan Corporation usually make high visibility LED road flares, work lights and a portable multi-function power source, but due to the Covid-19 crisis decided to take action to help slow the spread of the virus by making PPE face shields.

It started with one employee making PPE shields with a 3D printed design, but soon evolved, with the help of a ‘go-fund me’ page and partnerships with other organizations, to a model which allowed them to utilise materials that were easily acquired and kits which could be assembled by volunteers.

They quickly exceeded their goal to provide 5,000 face shields to hospitals and health care providers across the country and in the area local to the Michelin USA Greenville offices.

The MLL team spent the day making fabric masks at a Michelin facility and the masks were donated and used by Michelin NA. The plastic shields were made by a few MLL employees for Wagan, on our own time."

Originally sent through Michelin's Extranet July 31, 2020

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