About Us

Wagan Tech USA

It is not enough to be good at something. We believe in measuring our success by the impact we make in people’s lives. At Wagan, we are always growing, always learning, and always improving for the better.

For over 40 years (July 4, 1983), we have made life more comfortable and convenient for everyone through our passion and the love of people.

Located in Hayward, California, USA, we are in the heart of the Silicon Valley. Our central location allows us to keep a pulse on the industry and lead trends. Having 6 International offices around the world means that our quality remains uncompromised and our customers are always served wherever they are.

We hold over 12 Design and Utility Patents with Award Winning products and designs. Our R&D and Engineering team are constantly monitoring quality and focused on developing innovative products that make life easier.

We care about people, the environment, and honor our corporate responsibility. We believe that all aspects of our business must be continuously evolving and improving; from the products we deliver, the team members we employ, the processes we create, all the way to our customers.

We aim to better your life; we drive your mobile lifestyle forward. These aren’t just words; this is the Mission that our company lives by.

We are Wagan Tech.

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