What does a Power Inverter do?

What does a Power Inverter do?

Wagan Tech11/30/23

by: Justin Gray

A power inverter is an electronic device that converts direct current (DC) electricity, typically from a car battery or a solar panel, into alternating current (AC) electricity (wall outlet in your house). This conversion allows you to use devices that require AC power when you don't have access to a traditional AC power source, such as when camping, in a car, or during a power outage.
The basic function of a power inverter involves a few stages:

Rectification (DC to AC): The inverter takes the incoming DC power and passes it through a component called a rectifier, which converts it into AC power.

Inversion (AC waveform generation): The inverter then uses electronic circuits to create a stable AC waveform. The quality of this waveform is crucial, as many electronic devices require a clean and consistent AC signal; this is why Wagan Tech inverters focus efforts on creating clean waveforms!

Output: The generated AC power is then provided through one or more outlets, allowing you to connect and power devices that require standard household AC power.

Power inverters come in tons of various sizes and types, ranging from small plug-in inverters designed for powering a laptop or charging phones/tablets/gaming devices in a car to larger inverters that can support large appliances and tools for work, play, and during power outages. They play a vital role in providing portable power and backup power in various situations.

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