2023 My Camping Season Selections

2023 My Camping Season Selections

Wagan Tech4/14/23

by: Justin Gray

It's camping season and I'm super excited for the upcoming trips we have planned!

During the usual camping conversation that I often find myself in, the inevitable question will always be asked of me in some variation of:  "what is the best camping products that you guys' have" or "what are your favorite items"? Here are my top items that I love taking camping with me!

*Side Note: If you don't know me, then you didn't know that I am (amongst other things) a flashaholic; I gravitate towards bright, shiny things and own an unhealthy number of flashlights! With that said, you'll understand why this blog may seem a bit lop-sided when it comes lights. Be like me and skip straight to the lights


When these launched, we touted them as being "the best jumper out there"... and they truly are! I have the same iOnBoost V10 TORQUE since early-2019 and have LITERALLY used it to jumpstart vehicles over 300 times; now over 4 years later, it's still going strong. Expect to self-recover when you're on the road: See them


DC to DC Charger
When I installed a dual-battery system in my truck I cheaped-out and went with a battery isolator. Fast-forward 2 years and my battery won't hold a charge. After warrantying it, I installed a battery monitor to record/watch the battery charge conditions. Soon after, I found out that the isolator was not fully-charging the battery; a common known problem with battery isolators! I replaced the isolator with our DC to DC charger, and never looked back! See the chargers


Lithium Cube 1200
Lithium Cube 1200
I never thought that I'd use this unit as much as I do. From powering/charging ham radios, my GPS units, thermal scope, laptops, lights, and needless lighting accent strings around camp, this thing is awesome! I used to bring my gas generator in the summer to power a box fan (it is always 90°+ in the summer where we go), now we don't have to hear the endless drone of the gas generator while at camp! Peace and quiet with peace of mind = Lithium Cube 1200


1000 Lumen Solar Wall LED Light
1000 Lumen Solar Wall LED Light
I think Solar lights are great, but living in a condo doesn't leave any place for me to use them...except for the 1000 Lumen Solar Wall LED Light! I have one on my back porch for lighting up the patio at night, but the best one I own is the version I "hacked" by adding magnets to it! The hacked version is mounted to my military overlanding trailer (M101-A1) and lights up the area surrounding it so I can clearly see where I am going when traversing to and from the trailer. Another plus is that it scares animals and little critters away too! It is a camping game-changer! See it here


Auto Power Vacuum
Auto Power Vacuum & 12V/24V DC Socket Extension
Forget the broom and dust pan; ever since I got the vacuum and the extension cord, I can rapidly clean out my RTT (Roof-Top Tent) while at the campsite, and get the rocks/dirt out of my truck even before we hit the road back home. You can power this in the vehicle or with the Lithium Cube! Stop wasting time and carrying a bulky broom: See it here


mountain house foods - wayfinder XL
Wayfinder & Wayfinder XL
The original wayfinder is the small, handheld light with a standard beam front light and a side floodlight (has red & white light) that is great for everything around camp. The XL version is one heckuva floodlight that is great for illuminating the entire campsite while setting up or tearing down at night. Brilliant illumination is right here: Learn More

#1 is definitely the Dome USB Lantern!
I have had one since we first launched them and I use it on every camping trip. This is one tough and rugged light that can handle real-use and is something that I leave in my vehicle full-time. Being rechargeable (with the cable built-in) means never having to carry batteries! You need this


wayfinder flashlight

What do you think about this list/what's missing? What is your favorite? Leave a comment below!


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