Which DC to DC Charger Do I need?

Which DC to DC Charger Do I need?

Wagan Tech4/18/23

by: Justin Gray

This is a common question that we get when it comes to our DC-DC Battery Chargers; the simple answer is:

Based on Battery Size:

If your Auxiliary battery is 100Ah or less, you'll want to choose our 25A DC to DC charger (battery chemistry is irrelevant in this equation).

For batteries over 100Ah, select the 40A model.

Based on Solar Panel Size (wattage):

For people utilizing solar panels that are 375W or less in their power eco-system, the 25A model is ideal.

For systems up to 600W, the 40A is the best choice.

Based on both Battery and Solar:

Let's say that you have a 100Ah battery but are running 400W of Solar, you'd want to go with the larger DC-DC Charger (40A). Always go with the larger charger if it crosses the threshold of either battery size or solar panel wattage.



Meet the models:

25A DC to DC Battery Charger

40A DC to DC Battery Charger

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