Six Months of International Travel with Starlink

"Six Months of International Travel with Starlink" by Graeme Bell

Wagan Tech5/24/23

by: Graeme Bell
posted on Expedition Portal
May 6, 2023

Stay calm; call 911!” I instructed Luisa as I carefully brought the Nimbl to a stop on the icy road deep within the Yukon. The van lay wedged in the snow on its roof, the wheels spinning in the air like a stranded, upended tortoise’s legs. I jumped out to assist my inverted convoy mate and his dog. They were miraculously unscathed (I will tell the entire story with time).


Luisa could communicate with the emergency services across the emergency bandwidth despite lacking a cell signal. I set up my Starlink as soon as my friend and his lab were installed in our camper with a cup of tea and a bowl of water. Within minutes, we were in direct contact with the world, arranging recovery and taking care of the business of emergency."...

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