AAPEX Recap - Scenes from SEMA and our BIG NEWS

AAPEX Recap - Scenes from SEMA and our BIG NEWS

Justin G11/ 9/18

by: Justin Gray

In case you're not following us on social media, here are some of the highlights from our AAPEX 2018 Adventure!

michelin man at wagan tech

#1 The Michelin Man

The Michelin Man (real name: Bibendum) hung out at our booth to celebrate the unveiling of our BIG NEWS; a partnership formed between Wagan Corp. and Michelin Tire Company! 


michelin man at wagan tech

#2 Michelin Products

With this Michelin partnership comes new products. We unveiled our new power supply known as the "Michelin Multi-Function Portable Power Supply XR1" (or Michelin XR1 for short), the award-winning Michelin High Visibility LED Road Flare, and a complete line of Michelin tire inflators!


michelin man at wagan tech

#3 Our Booth

Our booth was in a prime location and looked amazing! Our trade show coordinator, Michael, spent a lot of time and effort perfecting the layout, positioning, and placement of the displays. It was well worth it as the booth was constantly packed with people.


michelin man at wagan tech

#4 Our Team

Our Team is made up of a great bunch of people. Each person brings something special to the table; different languages, different perspectives, different ideas. The synergy created from these different specialties is what makes us such a great team!


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