F.R.E.D. Light featured in Battlbox Mission 31 (M31)

F.R.E.D. Light featured in Battlbox Mission 31 (M31)

Justin G10/30/17

The @battlbox monthly Mission Box is in your mail box (M31) and our FRED Light was included in each delivery! We had no idea that it was included, but there are going to be a lot of happy #battlbox subscribers out there!

It was awesome to see our illustrious F.R.E.D. Light so prominently featured in the Mission 31 BattlBox. People wondered why it was included in the M31 Box themed, "Community and Wildfire Protection Plan", but once you get to know FRED... the answer is clear.

fred light

F.R.E.D. or "Flashing Roadside Emergency Disk" is not only for the road as the name implies. FRED can be attached to any ferrous surface and used as a signaling device (i.e. stuck to a mailbox so first responders can pinpoint your location), laid on the ground in a circle to create an LZ for a helicopter to land, or even used as markers while night 'wheeling or to avoid obstacles around camp... the uses are literally endless! Of course, you could use it on a disabled vehicle too!

What is FRED? FRED is a waterproof (IP55 rated), floating, LED safety signal that emits no heat or flame, can be seen up to a mile away, has 9 lighting mode (one flashlight mode), and has a magnetic back with a hanging hook. 

fred led

Want proof that FRED is a performer? FRED is currently being deployed by National Park Service Rangers, Police Departments, Fire Departments, Ambulance companies, State Highway Patrol, Tow Companies, Civil Services, and your average citizens alike.


Now you know why F.R.E.D. was included in the BattlBox, why isn't FRED a part of your emergency kit?!

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