NEW PRODUCTS ALERT! 3 Lithium Cube Models - Power where you want to be™

NEW PRODUCTS ALERT! 3 Lithium Cube Models - Power where you want to be™

Justin G5/19/213 comments

by Justin Gray

See our Launch Event Video here:

Wagan Corp.
Hayward, CA May 19, 2021, 11:00 PST

Power Where You Want to Be.™

Today we're releasing something that I am really excited about. This has been a long time in the making and I can't wait to tell you what it is.
They are 3 Lithium power supplies known as the "Lithium Cube 325", "Lithium Cube 500", and the "Lithium Cube 1200"!

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California for over 38 years, Wagan is an Automotive Lifestyle Company that focuses on consumer products that make life more comfortable and convenient at home and on the road - we call it, "Road Ready". The new Lithium Cube product line is an extension of that Road Ready focus to provide convenience to those using electronic devices.


In a world bound by power-hungry electronics such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets, it only made sense that we progressed from providing power inside of the car to also include power away from the car; in other words, to provide you power anywhere you go.

wagan tech lithium cube 1200

All of the new Lithium Cube models provide 120V AC (household wall outlet), regulated 12V DC (car accessory socket), and both QC3.0 and PD USB power ports; literally everything your electronics require.

wagan lithium cube solar charging

Recharging the "Cube" is easy with integrated solar, wind, water turbine, AC, USB-C*, and DC inputs; you can charge the Cube with whatever you have in the field!** For faster charging, our Cube has been designed with the ability to be charged by two inputs at the same time!

Speaking of "in the field use", the Cubes were designed to be used. Of course you can throw the Cube on your shelf at home for emergencies, but we suggest that you take it with you wherever the road (or dirt) takes you. And why not considering it only takes up a small footprint?!

Lithium Cube 325 | Lithium Cube 500 | Lithium Cube 1200

wagan lithium cube flat pack handle

With a rounded square design (hence the name "cube") and a folding flat-pack handle, the Cube stacks nicely in your vehicle without taking up too much precious space - a godsend in today's seemingly shrinking vehicle storage areas.

Another exemplary feature of our Cube line is the intuitive and, dare I say, common sense approach to its operational features. The buttons on the device are clearly marked and a bright, full-color digital LCD display will tell you what is going on at a glance!

wagan tech cube display

"Can even be seen in the daylight!", our exceptional color LCD display gives you all of the information you need to stay powered. With error monitoring, battery status, and power status, you will know exactly what is happening.

Our display even tells you how many watts are being consumed and how long until the battery runs out. When charging, the display tells you how many watts are going to the unit and how long until the battery is fully charged.

What are you looking to power? The Cube can handle that! CPAP Machines, Refrigerator, Lights, TV, laptop, and even a microwave (really, you need a microwave?) - the Cube is able to power your appliances.


All Lithium Cube models make a great addition to:

  • Camping
  • Overlanding
  • Emergency Prep
  • Back-up Power
  • CPAP Machines
  • Jobsite Power

Now you may be thinking, "Which Cube is right for me?", and I can most certainly help with that. If you just want to go all in and ensure that you have what you need, the Lithium Cube 1200 is the easiest choice. It offers more AC outlets, more USB Power Ports, and a 100W MPPT Solar controller with Anderson Connectors built right in to the unit; it is our largest and most powerful unit.

Perfect for the bigger jobs or extended use:

  • Jobsite
  • RV/ Van-life
  • Power Outages
  • Off-Grid Living
  • Overland/Camping
  • Emergency

On the other hand, if you're looking for something a little more compact and can sacrifice some of the output that the 1200 offers, the Lithium Cube 500 affords a good balance of power to size. Powering devices up to 500W, you'll find this unit to be as valuable in your daily life as it is on your weekend adventures.

The 500 is the middle-weight choice for:

  • Van conversions
  • Sporting Events
  • Back-up Power
  • DIY/Craft
  • Camping/Overlanding
  • All-around Use

For those who don't need a massive amount of power and want to maintain the most storage space possible, the Lithium Cube 325 excels in that category! Still providing plenty of power in your daily life (perfect for laptops, tool charging, lighting, and more), the 325 is well suited for use at home and on the road.

The 325 is a flexible alternative that is ideal for:

  • DIY
  • Craft Show/Fair
  • Back-Up 
  • Daily-use
  • Camping
  • Emergency

Still have questions or can't decide? Shoot us an email or call us and we'll be happy to help! 1.800.231.5806 or email

Take a look at our Cubes and you'll see why the competition can't "stack-up" to what ours offer.


Lithium Cube 325 | Lithium Cube 500 | Lithium Cube 1200

Power where you want to be.™


* The Lithium Cube 325 cannot be charged via USB-C
** Solar inputs are standard Anderson connectors. For Wind Turbine and Water Turbine charging, you will need to use the DC input (charging) port (adapters are not included).

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Anonymous on 10/ 4/21

Hey @Michael O’Connor, right now we don’t have a case for the unit – however we know people using Zarges cases to protect them.
Our device features a larger 1166Wh battery, Pass-thru charging, able to be recharged by multiple inputs simultaneously (faster recharging), folding carry handle (packs nicely), full color LCD backlit display, and two additional DC power ports.
As for the code, there is a 20% off code happening right now!

Michael O'Connor on 10/ 4/21

Enjoyed seeing your new Lithium Cubes at the Flagstaff Arizona Overland Exhibition. Is there a carrying case for your new cubes? Trying to decide between a Jackery 1000 or a Wagan 1200. Can you help me decide by pointing out what is better on the Wagan 1200? Thanks for your valued assistance. Mike PS Was also told I could get an additional 20% off based upon my purchases at the Overland. Please advise THANKS!

Moe lalji on 7/27/21

I need price on 1200

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