Wagan Tech - Our Continued Development Process

Wagan Tech - Our Continued Development Process

Justin G12/10/15

Wagan Corporation is a leader in developing and manufacturing high-tech products such as power inverters, portable power supplies, solar power units and other consumer electronic accessories. We perform in-house R&D and prototyping to develop products that will make your life more comfortable and convenient. Some of the prototypes that we produce are born from ideas sent to us by our customer’s needs and wants; others are born out of necessity from our creative imaginations.

wagan cad

 How Dreams Begin

We often receive emails from customers wanting to see a design change with an existing product or asking us to develop a purpose built product to satisfy a need. We scrutinize those ideas and scour the market to see if there is indeed a need for the design or alteration. Once we solidify an idea, the prototyping process begins.

Wagan Concept

 In-House Design Team

We have 4 people that are a part of our dedicated Graphics and Design Team. Although their title says “Graphics/Design Team”, each Wagan employee has a small yet integral part in the design and development process of each and every idea. Using a Makerbot 3D printer and a CAD program, we utilize programs to create a 3D rendition of the product idea. Once the design has been approved, we send the 3D replica to the factory to be produced from our exacting specifications.

wagan ionboost V10 jumper

 The Finished Product

The day that the finished product arrives at our doorstep is a grand day! To see our vision come to fruition through long hours, countless 3D prototypes, several brainstorming sessions, and the (much appreciated) hard work of Wagan employees is truly exhilarating! Our latest design, the iOnBoost V10, is a perfect example of a product that was born from an idea and perfected into reality


iOnBoost V10
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