NEW PRODUCT: ComfyGel Cushions

NEW PRODUCT: ComfyGel Cushions

Justin Gray9/ 7/21

by Justin Gray

Following the success of our popular RelaxFusion line of gel-top memory foam cushions, we've developed a second generation of ultra comfortable and portable cushions that you can take with you anywhere you go - we call them "ComfyGel" cushions.

TPE (Thermo-Plastic Elastomer) honeycomb matrix structure

What is ComfyGel?

Comfy Gel is a TPE (Thermo-Plastic Elastomer) honeycomb matrix structure that is compression resistant, pliable, and durable. We have fused two layers of this honeycomb matrix to ensure that the cushion is soft to sit on, yet firm enough that it doesn't flatten out.

An additional benefit of the honeycomb-matrix design is that it allows for air to flow in between the channels; giving you a comfy seat devoid of uncomfortable hotspots and moisture buildup.

ComfyGel Square Cushion closeup

Cushion Designs

We took the two popular designs of the RelaxFusion Cushions and upgraded them with the ComfyGel Technology.

Our ComfyGel Square Cushion allows you to place the cushion where its needed to provide support for your posterior, legs, and feet!

On the other hand, we have the ComfyGel Coccyx Cushion which is intended to provide relief to your tail-bone (coccyx). As seen by the shape of the cushion, there is an intentional void left at the back; this allows your coccyx (tailbone) to be free of pressure while our ComfyGel Cushion supports your posterior and legs.

comfygel cushion healthmate

Portable & Washable

The cushion has a built-in handhold so it can be taken with you anywhere: on a train, plane, in a car, or at a sporting event. On the bottom are slip-reducing dots to help the cushion to stay in place and prevent sliding. The easily removed and washable outer sleeve ensures your ComfyGel Cushion stays clean!

HealthMate®: Because Your Health Matters

Wagan Corporation is proud to expand our HealthMate line; focusing on Health and Wellness devices for everyone. Included in the HealthMate™ line are Heated Seat Cushions, Active Heat Back and Knee Wraps, Exercise Machines, Massage Cushions, Heat/Massage Belt, and the RelaxFusion line of memory foam cushions and pads. 

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