Customer Question: Do Inverters work with photography lights or strobes?

Wagan Tech9/26/22

Customer: Do you have any experience with using an inverter to power a 350 watt photographic strobe? I am looking to run these, and my understanding is some smaller inverters can handle them and others cannot. Thanks.

Customer Question: How do I safely install an inverter in my car?

Wagan Tech9/19/22

Customer: I'm planning to install the inverter in my car. Why do Wagan power inverter documents specify a battery protection fuse placed within one foot of the positive battery terminal? Is this really necessary? 

Customer Question: Is "buzzing" in the RV circuit breaker panel normal?

Wagan Tech9/12/22

Customer Question: Is "buzzing" in the RV circuit breaker panel normal? Buzzing is normal with magnetic circuit breakers; basically they are made of a coiled wire that pulls on a ferrite strip that trips the... 

Customer Question: What is the difference between cheap (brand) inverters and yours?

Wagan Tech7/21/22

What is the difference between cheap (brand name withheld) inverters and yours? They are the same wattage as yours, but the price is 1/3 less... Don't they do the same thing? -Tony (via email)

Overland Expo PNW 2022

Wagan Tech7/ 8/22

We had just enough time to come back from the Overland Expo West show in Arizona, take a shower, eat, and re-stock before having to hit the road for Redmond, Oregon.

What is "FL1 Standard" and what does it mean? Updated 2022

Wagan Tech6/26/22

FL1 is a Flashlight Standard set-forth by ANSI to help consumers find the right flashlight for their needs by breaking down the components & specifications in a way that consumers can easily compare and understand... 

What is an "IP Rating" and what does it mean? [Updated 2022]

Wagan Tech6/25/22

We're often asked some variation of "what does IPxx rated mean? IP ratings or "(I)ngress (P)rotection" ratings are the standards set by the IEC that inform consumers of an items resistance to solid object and water intrusion...

A Gasless Solar Generator?

Wagan Tech6/17/22

What is a gasless Solar Generator? Our Lithium Cube series will keep your adventures powered whether on or off the grid with no gas required! Can be charged with the included...

Charging options for eBikes in the field (electric bikes)

Wagan Tech6/ 3/22

It seems to happen more often these days, someone asking us what options we offer to charge their eBike (utility, commuter, cruiser, road, cargo, eMTB) away from home...

NEW PRODUCT: iOnBoost V8 Air

Wagan Tech5/31/22

Many people love our iOnBoost TORQUE Series because, well, it's great. Some have mentioned that they'd love the same reliable iOnBoost TORQUE, but with an air compressor; who are we to let them down?