2023's Top-5 Camping must-haves!

Wagan Tech5/26/23

Is it summer already?! Time to get outside and explore the outdoors! We've assembled a small gathering of our top-selling and customer favorites that will enhance your camping experience while making it...

"Six Months of International Travel with Starlink" by Graeme Bell

Wagan Tech5/24/23

"Stay calm; call 911!" I instructed Luisa as I carefully brought the Nimbl to a stop on the icy road. The van lay wedged in the snow on its roof, the wheels spinning in the air like a stranded, upended tortoise...

Customer Question: I want dual-batteries, what do I need?

Wagan Tech5/ 2/23

"I want to run a dual battery set-up in my work/overland truck; what do I need to get it done right the first time? Also, is it possible to make this future-proof (like I can upgrade stuff ...

Which DC to DC Charger Do I need?

Wagan Tech4/18/23

This is a common question that we get when it comes to our DC-DC Battery Chargers; the simple answer is Based on Battery Size, Based on Solar Panel Size (wattage),  Based on both Battery and Solar...

My Camping Season Selections

Wagan Tech4/14/23

It's camping season and I'm super excited for the upcoming trips we have planned! When the inevitable camping conversation arises, I'm often asked some variation of "what is the best camping products that you...

Dual battery system or portable power supply?

Wagan Tech4/10/23

This is a question that we often get, "should I go with a dual-battery setup or get a portable power supply (Lithium Cube)?". The answer to that is dependent on your let's explore!

Power Inverters : A simple explanation (how-to understand the package)

Wagan Tech4/ 4/23

You're interested in power inverters, but don't want to read my lengthy blogs detailing all of the nuances... I get it. This blog will get you the correct inverter for your needs, just simplified.

Q&A: DC to DC Battery Chargers FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Wagan Tech3/29/23

Here are the answers to all of the questions that we've heard regarding the DC to DC Battery Charger Line. This has been broken down categorically and covers both of the DC to DC Battery Charger models including...

Forbes Wheels: Best Plug-In Electric Coolers For 2023

Wagan Tech3/10/23

Forbes Wheels votes Wagan Tech 6L Personal Fridge / Warmer as "Best In-Car Cooler/Warmer" for 2023. When you’re on a road trip, you want quick and easy access to drinks and snacks. This unit fits neatly...