Overland Bound Completes Third Trail Guardian Clean Up in the Mojave National Preserve

Justin G5/10/21

It was a weekend of hard work, camaraderie and perfect weather in the Mojave National Preserve. With the help and guidance of OB/Trail Guardian...


Justin G4/ 8/21

Thanks to the rise of overlanding, 4x4 trucks and SUVs are more popular than ever before. The handful of factory overland-ready rigs on the market are supported by...

How to find the right Solar Flood Light for you!

Justin G2/16/212 comments

Let's take a look at Solar Floodlights and how to buy the right one for your needs! In this blog, I will talk a little about the differences and compare your options...

First Time Camping? Start Here!

Justin G2/ 9/21

If you've never been car camping, you may not know what you need or what to bring. I have a few tips to make your first adventure completely enjoyable!