Lithium Cube EX Series Press Release Issued

Wagan Tech3/20/24

Hayward, CA - Wagan Tech, a leading innovator in portable power solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its latest product line, the Lithium Cube EX Series portable power stations. These state-of-the-art...

(VIDEO) Lithium Cube EX18 & EX5 Launch!

Wagan Tech2/29/24

For all of those who are visual learners (like myself), we have created a Launch Event video to satisfy your eyes! Take a look at this awesome video telling all about the new Lithium Cube EX18 and Lithium Cube EX5 Series!

What's the Difference? Lithium Cube EX18 & Lithium Cube 1200

Wagan Tech2/28/24

If you're here, you are likely wondering what the difference between the new Lithium Cube EX18 and our previous Lithium Cube 1200 are. Here's a quick and easy explanation laying out the details and why the ...

What's the Difference? Lithium Cube EX5 & Lithium Cube 500

Wagan Tech2/26/24

What is the difference between the Lithium Cube EX5 and the Lithium Cube 500 portable power stations? We are going to make it easy for you to do a side-by-side comparison of the two units, take a look at the comparison chart...

NEW Products Launched: Lithium Cube EX18 & EX5 Series

Wagan Tech2/23/24

Introducing the latest additions to our lineup: the all-new Lithium Cubes, redefining portable power like never before! Say hello to the Lithium Cube EX18 and its compact counterpart, the Lithium Cube EX5. These aren't just your run-of-the-mill...

NEW Products: 200W & 100W Foldable Solar Panels

Wagan Tech2/15/24

Both panels are made of EFTE matrix laminates that offer an industry-leading 23% efficiency with unmatched durability and strength. Even overcast days or partial shading will not stop these panels from...

Step by Step: How to connect a DC-DC Charger to your vehicle (with VIDEO)

Wagan Tech2/10/24

We’re going to go through the steps for a DC to DC charger installation. We will give you the basic steps and tools needed while delivering the essential knowledge to get it done yourself...

A Story of Survival: Frank's Harrowing Car Crash

Wagan Tech2/ 5/24

I’m lucky to be alive. My girlfriend and I attended the Glenn Miller Orchestra concert 30 miles away. I dropped her off and was heading home. I had stopped at a red light when a sleeping SUV driver plowed into me and 3...

A New Year, A New You!

Wagan Tech1/ 3/24

Happy New Year from all of us at Wagan Tech! Are you looking to become more fit, active, or just more comfortable? No worries, we have you covered! Step into that New Year with some help from us with 30% Off...

Class of 2023 - The Top 10 Products of 2023

Wagan Tech1/ 2/24

We want to thank you as a customer and as a friend of ours; THANK YOU for making 2023 great for all of us at Wagan Tech! Below are the top-10 products of 2023 (All of them are on-sale with no code needed...

Top 10 Christmas Gifts of 2023

Wagan Tech12/ 1/23

Based on reviews and popular demand, here are the customer's top 10 picks for Christmas this year! Some will dazzle you, others will entertain you, but all are guaranteed to keep you #RoadReady!

What does a Power Inverter do?

Wagan Tech11/30/23

A power inverter is an electronic device that converts direct current (DC) electricity, typically from a car battery or a solar panel, into alternating current (AC) electricity (wall outlet in your house). This conversion allows you to...