Understanding Battery Specifications and How They Apply to your Inverter

Justin G7/ 1/20

An inverter needs a battery in order to provide the required AC power for your household devices. There is a wide range of batteries available on the market...

All about Solar Power

Justin G7/ 1/20

We receive a lot of questions regarding Solar Panel set-ups, the Solar ePower Cube 1500, Solar Panels, Solar Chargers, and our other solar products...

We NEED Your Help - PPE for 1st Responders!

Justin G4/13/20

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has left many first responders (ex: police, firefighter, doctors, nurses, medical assistants and janitorial staff) in the vulnerable...

Corona Virus Pandemic - It's not too late to prepare!

Justin G4/ 7/20

The Corona Virus and ensuing shut-down of all “non-essential services” nation-wide has left a constant and felt impact for all businesses and consumers...

The iOnBoost TORQUE Jump Starter Series is here!

Justin G3/16/201 comment

The iOnBoost TORQUE Series is here! First showcased at the AAPEX Show in late 2019, the long sought after next generation lithium jump starter is finally in our warehouse and ready to ship!

VIDEO: We disconnect both batteries, then start this Duramax Diesel with only the iOnBoost TORQUE V8 - TRUTH!

Justin G3/12/20

We disconnect the batteries, then start this Duramax Diesel with only the iOnBoost TORQUE V8 - TRUTH! From our Instagram IGTV: "We already knew that our iOnBoost TORQUE V10 could start this 2018 Chevy 6.6L Duramax diesel with its batteries disconnected, but we wanted to test the iOnBoost TORQUE V8's...

(Video) What is a Power Inverter and which inverter do I need? What does a power inverter do?

Justin G2/25/20

Maybe you've asked yourself one of the questions below and are here to find an answer, We'll answer all of these questions in this video: What is a Power Inverter?What are the uses of an Inverter?What type of inverter do I need?What are sine waves?How to calculate wattage from amperage...

Sneak-peek: iOnBoost Torque Series

Justin G1/27/20

"As cliche as it sounds, our iOnBoost TORQUE Series is going to change the lithium-ion jump starter market."   As cliche as it sounds, our iOnBoost TORQUE Series is going to change the lithium-ion jump starter market. With our tried-and-true lipo battery technology, we've up'ed the ante and added an...

2nd Annual NorCal Toy Drive

Justin G11/20/19

This event was a huge success; THANK YOU to all of those who showed up and participated! Just because the event is over does not mean that you can't donate to UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital! I encourage yo to donate today!   2nd Annual NorCal Toy Drive Who: You and your...

Overland Bound installs our Pure Line 1000W Inverter (Video)

Justin G5/17/19

Overland Bound, the preeminent leader in all things Overland, just installed one of our Pure Line 1000W power inverters in their FZJ80 Land Cruiser. The Pure Line Inverter was selected because it met their power requirement needs and it is a clean, efficient, and quiet pure sine wave (PSW) inverter.... Review - Michelin Multi-Function Portable Power Source XR1

Justin G5/17/19

Brenan over at posted his review of the Michelin Portable Power Source XR1. Take a look at the review below: By Brenan - Trail4RPosted April 7, 2019 MICHELIN XR1 MULTI-FUNCTION PORTABLE POWER SOURCE BY WAGAN TECH The Michelin XR1, when compared to other similar multi-function portable power sources, might...

"My Story" by Coralee Lack @crawler_chick

Justin G3/28/19

Below is an inspirational story from our friend, brand ambassador, Rebelle Rally competitor, and all-around BA, Coralee.--My name is Coralee Lack. I am 44 years old and I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Looking at me, one would not know that I am sick - my illness does not present itself...