Hersch X Build: Raising support to provide clean drinking water

Hersch X Build: Raising support to provide clean drinking water

Justin Gray7/ 2/21

by Justin Gray

We're proud to announce our involvement in the @theherschx build which is raising awareness and support for @voxwater mission to provide sustainable clean drinking water to people in sub-Saharan Africa.

Clean drinking water is something that we take for granted; it comes right out of nearly any tap in America. Other people in the world aren't so lucky and Vox Water is looking to change that.

The back-story

Brian King became near-death ill from drinking contaminated water is rural Africa. After learning that an alarming number of children die each year from the same water-born diseases, VOX Water was founded.

VOXWater.org "Vox is a specialized development organization with a mission of bringing sustainable clean water programs to rural Africa. Since 2008, VOX has drilled and restored well upon well, bringing clean water to families in Botswana, Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, and Mozambique. The word VOX is Latin for “voice.” Our motivation centers on bringing practical, real-time hope to the voiceless of our world. To date, Vox has impacted more than 1.5 million lives."

voxwater.org"VOX acknowledges that access to clean water alone is not complete, and lack of sanitation and appropriate hygiene behaviors results in limited impact to public health. In all our WASH programming we ensure that sanitation and hygiene interventions are incorporated."

Water Safari Versus Film

Hersch X: "A Bad Ride to do a World of Good"

"I’m working on a special truck build to honor my dad who passed away last spring. A few years back he was diagnosed with a lung disease that progressed much faster than what we anticipated.

As an homage, I’m collaborating with Hulst Customs, Fox Racing Shocks, Baja Designs, C4 Fabrications and an amazing slate of off-road manufacturers to build a special tribute truck. We’re calling it the Hersch X, after my dad Herschel King."

If you're not familiar with Hulst Customs, you should be. Hulst has built the SEMA F-150 & F-350 Striker trucks for FORD Motor Company.

"The Hersch X is a custom 2021 Toyota TRD Pro that will be featured at SEMA 2021 & Overland Expo (East) before being shipped over to the UK for a Dual Continent Run from England to South Africa.

The project will culminate in a large-scale clean water initiative for a half a million people in rural Mozambique. My wife, Lorie and I will be driving the Hersch X and leading the expedition."

Hersch X Mission

"Our mission is to bring lasting drinking water solutions to families in rural Africa. Our vehicle is a hi-performance overland truck that we will build out and sponsor as a community. Our journey from the US to England through Africa will raise clean water awareness, $1M toward the solution, and deeply honor my father, and fellow car guy, Hersch."

voxwater.orgThe Promise

"100% of donations will go toward clean water projects in rural Africa."

Why Wagan Corp. is Involved

"From the start, I was intrigued by the thoroughness of the build planning and that the truck was to pay homage to Brian's father, Hershel.

Once we learned that the truck was going to be used for VOX's mission of providing clean drinking water to rural communities, we were all in.

As I shared with Brian over the phone, Wagan's mission has always been to use the company as a vessel to help others. Our involvement in our local community and worldwide are both personal and heartfelt as we are always growing, always learning, and always striving to make the world a better place for everyone.

We believe in measuring our success by the impact we make in people’s lives; the Hersch X build is simply an extension of our mission to help others. We're proud to be involved with this organization that is making a difference in people's lives."

Hersch X Build Page | Hersch X Instagram
Vox Water | Vox Water Instagram

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