NEW PRODUCT: Brite-Nite DUO USB Lantern

NEW PRODUCT: Brite-Nite DUO USB Lantern

Justin Gray11/16/21

by Justin Gray

Just Landed - Your favorite #Camplite just got better! We added a dimming function, spotlight & floodlight, and multi-mode! Check out the new "DUO" features below!

wagan DUO lantern

Our new light encompasses all of the great features of the original Dome USB Lantern with the addition of a spot flashlight and dimming functions. Featuring a built-in USB charging cable and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the new DUO also has: two folding hanging hooks, powerful embedded magnets, USB output, and non-slip rubber feet.

Our Brite-Nite DUO USB Lantern will certainly light up your life

The new lighting functions are where the DUO really shines. We put a single CREE XPE LED spotlight in the center of the frosted lens; this LED is able to output 170 lumens on high and is dimmable down to 10 lumens, perfect for up-close work or distance viewing. The Lantern mode features 170° of light spread with 90 lumens of output on high. Also dimmable, you can bring the lantern output all the way down to 10 lumens when only a small amount of light is needed (like in a tent at night).

Lighting Mode Spotlight Lantern Spotlight & Lantern
Max Lumens 170 90 260
Min Lumens 10 10 20


As if the DUO wasn't cool enough already, you can use the USB Power Port on the top of the DUO to recharge your phone, tablet, Smart Watch, or other USB-powered devices!

The DUO is a great all-around use light. While it excels in camping scenarios, it is also a perfect light for use in the car, around the house, walking the dog, emergency situations, and nearly any other scenario that you can think of.

wagan tech duo USB LED Camplite

Take a look at the DUO to see why it is destined to become one of the most popular Camplites around!

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