NEW PRODUCT: Auto Power Vacuum

NEW PRODUCT: Auto Power Vacuum

Justin Gray7/ 7/21

by Justin Gray

We just added another powerful and affordable 12V vacuum to our lineup, the "Auto Power Vacuum".

This new vacuum is 12 volt DC powered (plugs into your vehicle's 12 volt accessory socket) and features our powerful120 watt motor. With a washable and reusable filter, this stylish vacuum is ready to take on your vehicle's cleaning tasks!

120W motor
While our 120 watt motor is nothing new to us (it is the same powerful motor that is in our 12V cyclone vacuum), it certainly outperforms other 12V DC vacuums. The average vacuum in the marketplace has a tiny 60W motor; simply put, our vacuum is 2x more powerful than the average 12V DC vacuum in the market! You could say that this vacuum really sucks!

NEW PRODUCT: Auto Power Vacuum - This Vacuum Sucks!

Washable & Reusable Filter
Forget sourcing or replacing your dirty filter, our filter is washable and reusable! Simply empty out the collection bin and remove the filter. Wash the filter in your sink, dry, and then replace! It really is that easy!

Cleaning Attachments
Included with our Auto Power Vacuum are two cleaning attachments: a crevice tool and the brush tool.

The Crevice Tool allows you to access tight or hard-to-reach areas (like in between seats), while the Brush Tool helps to break-up ground in dirt and dust.

Want to Learn More?
Learn more about our affordable and powerful new Auto Power Vacuum by clicking the link below! 

Auto Power Vacuum



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