"Sustainable products are presented at the College of Engineers and Architects of Tulum"

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by: Miguel Améndola

09/13/2023 | Tulum, Quintana Roo

Ahead of the presence of professionals, environmentalists, builders and civil society in general, the event hall of the Colegio de Ingenieros y Arquitectos de Tulum (CIAT) welcomed companies dedicated to manufacturing sustainable products both for domestic use and for business use.

First, Alex Hsu and Beatriz Segoviano, president and CEO, respectively, of the Wagan Corporation company, revealed a line of solar products with latest generation technology so that people use sustainable products that have been on the market for 15 years.

It was important to talk with engineers and architects because they have the knowledge of the circumstances and ideas that Quintana Roo offers regarding climatic conditions, mainly solar and wild ones, to adapt their products considering the ecological surroundings that Tulum has.

Their products, including solar panels and warning lights, give a durability that results in a greater cost-benefit.

On the other hand, Andrés Muñoz, general director of Energryn, presented the Solesyto system to obtain hot water for medium-longer teams, energy and gas horrifying, and which are friendly to the environment.

The interviewee here is trying to solve the problem: in Mexico there is no water heating solution that has been tropicalized or has been designed since then, and I agree that all this technology is mainly imported from Asia or well, they are products that help you many years on the market and therefore they are not completely efficient because they rely entirely on gas or electricity.

It turns out that this innovation was developed 100 percent in Mexico, incorporating a volume of 80 liters which with its included thermostat regulator allows it to provide hot water to families of up to four people.

He pointed out that the Tulum market is experiencing incredible expansion, growth and the majority of businesses that are dedicated to hospitality, whether they are hotels or living on Airbnb, all have the common need to give their customers hot water.

Solesyto is a hybrid product, that is, it is solar and electric in such a way that if you do not have sufficient solar radiation or you can get hot water simply by connecting it directly to the mains with an electric plug which works from a smart contact which can be Operated from your cell phone or with the virtual assistant Alexa.

He indicated that this product is such an innovator that it has obtained new patents and today they are the company that counts with the largest number of countries in the world in hot sales in the red.

Solesyto was launched in 2016, and has received 4 million customers throughout Mexico. In the Quintana Roo area you are sure to have installed 7 million teams and in Tulum they are carrying out operations with around 500 installed teams.

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