[Update] Wagan Tech joins Overland Bound Mojave Cleanup event

[Update] Wagan Tech joins Overland Bound Mojave Cleanup event

Justin G11/16/20

by Justin Gray

[Updated 12.03.2020]
From Thursday through Sunday of last week (11.12.20 - 11.15.20), Wagan participated in the "Mojave National Preserve Facelift/Trail Guardian Event" that was put on by our friends @Overland Bound in conjunction with the National Park Service.


Wagan supplied trash bags and trash grabber sticks for people to use; they were a big hit with the cleanup crews!


The National Park Service employees were there to oversee the cleanup while determining what, if any, artifacts of historical value are; they provided the trailers and trucks to haul the trash, and we had an NPS Archaeologist with us who actively participated and taught us about the history of the Mojave while showing us significant places of historical value.


It was a great event that provided an exceptional service to the NPS, surrounding communities, and it allowed us to make a difference for future generations!


From the National Park Service:
"News Release Mojave National Preserve – November 19, 2020.


Mojave National Preserve hosted its largest ever Volunteers in Parks (VIP) program in its 26 year history on November 14. Overland Bound – a vehicle dependent recreation and environmental advocacy organization – brought 86 VIPs to Mojave National Preserve to remove trash and fire debris from 3 areas at Mojave National Preserve: Death Valley Mine, Kessler Ranch and Billy Boy Mine.
Volunteers removed tons of trash and other debris from the 3 sites, completely filling 2 commercial-sized dumpsters. Mojave National Preserve’s Chief of Science and Resource Stewardship Debra Hughson said, “The preserve is grateful for the hard work and dedication to public lands demonstrated by Overland Bound. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Overland Bound to complete a variety of volunteer projects in the coming months.”
Volunteers from Overland Bound completed 688 hours of service on November 14, with a monetary value of $18,371.60."


The Wagan Tech Family is proud to support, and be a part of, such a wonderful and meaningful volunteering program with Overland Bound and the National Park Service's VIP Program!


Video walk-through of our clean-up spot at the Death Valley Mine: 
Death Valley Mine on Google Maps: 


Details of the event can be found here: 


More about the NPS VIP Program:

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