Press Release issued: DC to DC Battery Chargers

Press Release issued: DC to DC Battery Chargers

Wagan Tech10/ 7/22

by Justin Gray

Our official company press release for our DC to DC Battery Chargers was issued through Business Wire. Click on the following link to see the official press release on Business Wire's site (external link). (Read more)

Press Release Transcript:

Wagan Tech® debuts 40A DC-to-DC Battery Charger and 25A DC-to-DC Battery Charger

Featuring Intelligent Charging, Multiple Battery Chemistry Configuration, Solar Priority Mode, MPPT Solar Charge Controller, IP66 Weatherproof Rated, Automatic Safety Features, and a class-leading temperature rating.

Hayward, California - Wagan Tech unveiled the 40A DC-to-DC Battery Charger (EL7410) and 25A DC-to-DC Battery Charger (EL7411), the most advanced lineup ever, featuring intelligent charging technologies designed to accurately and fully recharge common-to-advanced chemistry auxiliary batteries. Integrated into each unit is a conformal coating that resists dirt and water intrusion while giving a weatherproof rating of IP66, smart alternator capability for modern vehicle connection, remote-control capable, solar priority mode with MPPT Charge controller for use with solar panels, and an integrated mount for limitless installation options. These game changing details make the DC-to-DC Battery Charger lineup crucial for users utilizing dual-battery installations in their RV, camper, and overland vehicles. Available now.

Smartly Charges Batteries

Utilizing an advanced high-speed microcontroller and a proprietary charging algorithm to deliver a 3-stage charging process; both models are designed to accurately and safely charge 12-volt and 24-volt auxiliary batteries ensuring batteries are kept at optimum levels with enhanced performance and extended lifespans.

Power Ecosystem

”For over 30 years, Wagan Tech has been a leader in the vehicle power conversion business. We’re excited that the new Wagan Tech DC-to-DC Battery Charger lineup continues our focus in closing the loop of the vehicle power ecosystem” said Alex Hsu, Wagan Tech CEO

For systems utilizing power inverters, solar panels, multiple batteries, fridges, and other appliances, the DC-to-DC Charger completes the power ecosystem by connecting all components into a singular power system. Users can charge, power, and use the system without introducing external components.

Seamless Multi-chemistry Battery Selection

The mode button allows users to match the DC-to-DC Charger with their battery type enabling the proprietary charging algorithm to optimize charging.

Priority Mode

Featuring a user-selectable Solar Priority Mode that, when enabled, reduces the strain on vehicle alternators resulting in fuel and energy-cost savings. The automatic on-board MPPT solar charge controller ensures that sunlight collected by the user supplied solar panel is efficiently used for unified battery charging.

For all vehicles: Smart Alternator Integration

The Wagan Tech DC-to-DC Charger lineup integrates into the power system of all vehicles regardless of alternator type and protects the power eco-system with advanced safety features: short-circuit, over-heat, over and under voltage, and over-charge protections.

Designed for Rugged Use

The DC-to-DC Charger is designed for nearly limitless installation environments, including chassis rail, engine bay, external and internal environments including vehicle interior. The conformal coated PCB allows installation in vibrating, wet, dusty, and muddy environments with temperature ranges from -4°F to 176°F.


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