The iOnBoost TORQUE Jump Starter Series is here!

The iOnBoost TORQUE Jump Starter Series is here!

Justin G3/16/20

by Justin Gray

The iOnBoost TORQUE Series is here!

First showcased at the AAPEX Show in late 2019, the long sought after next generation lithium jump starter is finally in our warehouse and ready to ship!

Real-World Testing
We put our money where our mouth is and completed real-world testing on the TORQUE series; printed numbers can be fudged to make products look good, but real-world testing does not lie!

Take a look at the videos below, we used our iOnBoost V10 TORQUE model and repeatedly jump started a 6.6L diesel engine (with its batteries disconnected) using only the V10 TORQUE's battery. We also cold-started a 6.7L Duramax several times with the V10 TORQUE too. Although it isn't rated for it, we also conducted the very same experiment with our V8 TORQUE model; and it was able to repeatedly jump start the same 6.6L diesel engine!


What can the TORQUE Series jump start?

The V8 TORQUE will start all 12V vehicles with gas engine types: single cylinder, two cylinders, four and six cylinder (slant and straight) and of course all 8 cylinder engines up to 6.0L. It will also start diesels up to 4.5 liter like the: Chevrolet Colorado, Jeep, Mercedes Sprinter, Power Stroke 3.2L, and more. This includes motorcycles, cars, vans, light trucks and SUVs.

The V10 TORQUE will do all of the same engines that the TORQUE V8 will with the addition of V10 gas engines up to 7.8L like those found in Recreational Vehicles (RVs) and diesels up to 6.7L as found in the Ford F-series, Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram Trucks, Nissan Titan XD, etc. In short, the V8 TORQUE will start all motorcycle, vans, cars, light trucks, smaller diesels, and SUVs. The V10 TORQUE will start all of the same vehicles while adding RVs and heavier diesel work trucks.

The TORQUE Jump starters are capable of starting
iOnBoost V8 TORQUE: up to 6.0L V8 and up to 4.5L diesel
iOnBoost V10 TORQUE: up to 7.8L V10 and up to a 6.7L diesel

Sounds crazy, right? This compact device can start a full size truck diesel engine on its own?! Yes it's true!

Comparing the two models (technical)

For those who are technically inclined, here are the differences between the two models.
The V10 TORQUE is slightly larger and weights a little bit more than the V8 TORQUE model. The battery capacity on the V8 TORQUE is 31Wh while the V10 TORQUE has a 41Wh battery. Additionally, the V8 TORQUE has an 800A peak jump starting capability with 400 cranking amps, and the V10 TORQUE has 1000A peak with 500A cranking. Take a look at the detailed specs sheet below.

One of the biggest differences between the models is that the V10 TORQUE comes with a 12V DC socket while the V8 TORQUE is only capable of outputting DC current (+-16.8V) through its EC3 (jump starter) port.

TORQUE Similarities: The Battery

The heart of the TORQUE is its battery. This is the powerhouse of the unit and is different from others on the market because of its 4S (4 cell) battery. Our 4S battery is capable of outputting more current than its older predecessors, the 3S battery.

To understand it simply, the 3S battery is like a common garden hose; the water flow is electrical current. The small diameter of the garden hose limits the amount of water (current) that can flow. Now imagine our new 4S battery as a fire hose; it outputs water (electrical current) like the garden hose does, but with this larger diameter fire hose, has the ability to output much more flow.

Do I need one?

If you drive a car, have a loved one that drives, then the answer is yes. The TORQUE Series is an invaluable tool to ensure that you or a loved one are not left stranded waiting for help; you can safely and easily jump start your vehicle within a minute!

 Where can I get one?

Right this moment (03.16.2020), the TORQUE Series jumpers are shipping to stores and online retailers across the country; if you want one today, the best bet is to buy direct from us!
You can find the V8 TORQUE by clicking here, and the V10 TORQUE by clicking on this link here.

 Why buy from Wagan?

Unlike the competitor's units, we have a reliable and tested unit from a company that has been located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California since 1983. We have been producing jump starters for decades and have taken those vast years of knowledge and apply it to every single model made.

Additionally if you ever need assistance or have a question, you can talk to a live person right here in Hayward, California. Don't believe me? Call 1.800.231.5806 M-F 8a-5p PST or email us at CustomerService(at) !

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