We NEED Your Help - PPE for 1st Responders!

We NEED Your Help - PPE for 1st Responders!

Justin G4/13/20


by Justin Gray

We have reached our goal and delivered all of the PPE to Hospitals and Medical Facilities in need. THANK YOU to all who supported this campaign!

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has left many first responders (ex: police, firefighter, doctors, nurses, medical assistants and janitorial staff) in the vulnerable position of providing care and service to their communities at the risk of becoming sick themselves. The nationwide shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) has placed those who rush in to care for us, no questions asked, at great risk. Our first responders, or who we call COVID Warriors, are often left to reusing their set of PPE over multiple shifts.

We realized that every time one of our community's COVID Warriors contracts COVID-19 it chips away at our community's ability to be safe and healthy. This pandemic has shown us how we all are truly connected. While we are all home sitting our on butts the physical distancing has begun to slow the spread of COVID-19! The slower pace of the day coupled with a call to service led to thinking of other actions we could take to help slow the spread. This is where the our love of 3D printers comes in! For years we have been designing and printing all sorts items to help make life easier and now...we are making face shields to help our COVID Warriors (and the people they serve) feel more protected while they care for us.
One of our team members, Lee, has been at home making shields using his 3D Printer and iterating a CAD design. In the beginning it took 2hrs. to print one. Today, he is able to print 2 in 23 min! 

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Lee has donated over a hundred shields, and the demand is beyond what one person can fulfill!

The link below is a map of where shields have been donated so far.

Shields donated prior to this campaign

While Lee improved his pace, the demand has outpaced him. So another new design has been in the works that utilizes strap material that is easily acquired and can be built by anyone at blazing speeds!!!

Here is an example of the new design.

With this new design, we no longer require a 3D Printer or specialized tools to make and effective and very comfortable face shield.

Now our team will be able procure materials and recruit a volunteer workforce to build and distribute 5,000 face shields to COVID Warriors everywhere helping to keep them safe and healthy while they take good care of us!
5,000 Face Shields!

We urge you to help, every little bit helps!




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