NEW PRODUCTS: DC to DC Battery Chargers - 25A & 40A models!

NEW PRODUCTS: DC to DC Battery Chargers - 25A & 40A models!

Wagan Tech8/25/22

by Justin Gray

We've launched two models of DC to DC Battery Chargers; 25A & 40A versions that will cover your battery charging needs!

25A DC to DC Battery Charger / 40A DC to DC Battery Charger


What are DC to DC Battery Chargers?

Intended to be used in 2-battery systems, the Dual-Input DC to DC Battery Charger takes a power source such as a vehicle alternator and/or solar panel and fully recharges & monitors the auxiliary battery. Our Chargers work with or without solar panels!

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Why use a DC to DC Battery Charger?

Purposefully designed to accurately and safely charge auxiliary batteries, the advanced Wagan Tech DC to DC Charger series ensures your batteries are kept at optimum performance levels that will enhance performance and extend their lifespan. Our charger can be used with standard and Smart Alternator systems and is perfect for use with solar systems and those choosing not to utilize solar charging.

Monitor & Recharge Batteries
They’re ideal for monitoring and safely fast-charging auxiliary batteries. It manages the current provided by the power source (such as an alternator or solar panel), and regulates it to the auxiliary battery.

Smooths out Variable Current
By managing and smoothing out the variable current, they can also help extend the life of other down-stream automotive accessories that may be installed (such as a fridge).

Completes your Power Eco-system
For systems with Solar Panels, Power Inverters, and auxiliary batteries, the DC to DC Charger completes the power eco-system by providing a way to connect, power, and recharge everything.

Isolates Starter Battery
They’re perfect for isolating the starter battery so your appliances don’t drain it and prevent your vehicle from starting.

Connects Different Size/Chemistry Batteries
They’re essential when the setup uses different chemistry and/or capacity batteries; automatically adjusts charging profile to match battery’s needs.

Accepts Solar Panel Input
They simplify setups & provide solar charging inputs for systems utilizing solar panels.

Reduces Load on System
For larger appliances, the fast-charging DC to DC charger allows your system to “keep up” with the power demand

25A DC to DC Battery Charger / 40A DC to DC Battery Charger


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Who Needs this?

1. Every Vehicle with a dual battery set-up:

–Diesel Truck/Van
–Truck Campers
–Van Conversions
–Camping Trailer
–5th Wheel


2. Anyone looking into dual-battery systems

3. Any person with an off-grid solar set-up


Why do you need a secondary or auxiliary battery?

If you’re running any appliances, fridges, auxiliary lighting, or charging smart devices, then you need a second battery. A secondary battery will stop you from killing your main battery and leaving you stranded.


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Selecting the right model for your needs


Finding the right model for your needs is simple. If your Auxiliary battery is 100Ah or less, you'll want to choose our 25A DC to DC charger (battery chemistry is irrelevant in this equation). For batteries over 100Ah, select the 40A model. For people utilizing solar panels that are 375W or less in their power eco-system, the 25A model is ideal. For systems up to 600W, the 40A is the best choice.

Isolator vs. DC to DC Battery Chargers


What is a battery isolator?
 A battery isolator is basically a simple switch. When it detects the correct voltage, the switch closes allowing current to flow to your second battery. When voltage drops, the switch opens - stopping the current flow to the auxiliary battery.


Model Comparison


We Beat the Competition

wagan tech dc charger comparison

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Common features of both models 

  • Solar Priority Mode
  • Mode Selectable for different battery chemistries
  • Remote Capable
  • Panel Mountable
  • Color-coded and labelled connection wires
  • Fully Potted PCB (Performance Coated)
  • MPPT Solar Charge Controller
  • IP66 Rated Water/Dustproof
  • Safety Protected:
–Over Heat
–Over/Under Voltage
–Reverse Polarity



3-Stage Intelligent Charging

Our Intelligent 3-stage charging uses a high speed microcontroller and a proprietary charging algorithm to deliver a sophisticated 3 stage charging process.

The first stage, bulk charge (constant current), charges the battery fast while the second stage, absorption (constant voltage), ensures the battery is thoroughly charged.

The third stage, float, monitors and keeps the battery at a safe voltage allowing it to be maintained and ready for use.

3-stage charging

25A DC to DC Battery Charger / 40A DC to DC Battery Charger


Easy Installation
  • Color-coded & labelled wires makes it easy to identify location
  • Instruction Manual is detailed and clearly indicates all necessary installation procedures including mounting & wiring
  • Provisions made for smart & standard alternators
  • Compact size makes finding an installation site easy
  • Heat, vibration, water, and dust protected for limitless installs

 dc to dc charger wiring diagram


Designed for rugged use

The DC to DC 25A charger is designed for a variety of installation environments, including chassis rail, engine bay, interior cabin, etc. With its Potted (Performance Coated) PCB, the unit has been designed to work in vibrating, wet, dusty and muddy environments.

The battery charger is compact and can withstand temperatures of up to 176°F, so it can be safely installed in the engine bay. However, to get better charging efficiency, you should try to mount it away from high-temperature parts of the engine bay.

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Smart Alternator (Variable Voltage Alternator): Commonly found on modern vehicles (2015 and up), the variable voltage output is regulated by the vehicle’s computer and adjusts depending on vehicle’s power needs.

Solar Priority: Allows the MPPT solar input to be the primary charging input - reduces load on alternator thus saving fuel.

Isolator: Rudimentary switching device that transfers DC current one way from alternator to battery (as it sees fit).

DC to DC Charger: A smart battery charger that transfers DC current to the auxiliary battery and charges/maintains optimal battery levels while regulating power outputs.

Variable Current (Voltage): An smart alternator can output voltages from 12.5-15V causing excess wear on electronics and stops some electronics from being able to operate.

Other Names (aka): DC to DC Charger, in vehicle battery charger, on-board, battery charger, battery isolator charger, Dual battery charger, DCDC Charger, DC/DC Battery charger, In-vehicle Dual Battery Charger, car battery charger, dual battery tender, battery isolator, in-board charger, DC2DC charger, and vehicle battery charger.

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Meet the models:

25A DC to DC Battery Charger

40A DC to DC Battery Charger

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