A Story of Survival: Frank's Harrowing Car Crash

A Story of Survival: Frank's Harrowing Car Crash

Wagan Tech2/ 5/24

by: Justin Gray

The following is a true story real-life account of a near fatal vehicle crash from Frank in Long Island, NY.

"Loved my V10. Used it a hand full of times helping others. But it got destroyed in a rear end crash - I’m lucky to be alive. (my wagan air pump survived the crash too!!). Lol

My girlfriend and I attended the Glenn Miller Orchestra concert 30 miles away. I dropped her off and was heading home. 

I was almost home.

I had stopped at a red light when a sleeping SUV driver plowed into me and 3 other cars.

I’m glad I have no memory of the crash or the three days following.
I spent 2 weeks in the hospital with fractured vertebrae, broken ribs, blood in my skull, blood clot in my lungs, and stretched ligaments in my neck."

"The photo of the crushed car from behind was taken at the tow yard where my car was taken. My nephew and brother-in-law picked up my belongings, including the iOnBoost V10 TORQUE... the Wagan air pump is covered in dust (airbag or the fire extinguisher I carried in my trunk that also went off during the collision) but it appears to be intact although the outer box is damaged."

- Frank from Long Island, NY

Frank, we're amazed that you survived this insane crash, but extremely thankful that you did! All of us at Wagan Tech are praying for you to have a full and speedy recovery. Thanks for sharing your story with us! We have sent out a replacement iOnBoost TORQUE V10 to accompany you on your travels with your next car.

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