Top 10 Christmas Gifts of 2023

Top 10 Christmas Gifts of 2023

Wagan Tech12/ 1/23

by: Justin Gray

Based on reviews and popular demand, here are the customer's top 10 picks for Christmas this year!

#1   Solar + LED Floodlights

Solar powered, no wiring, pole/wall mountable lighting - Easy Peasy!


#2   iOnBoost V10 TORQUE

Why Choose the iOnBoost V10 TORQUE?
Simply put, our 4 cell (4S) battery provides more power than the competitor’s 3 cell (3S) battery. For you that means more power at your fingertips without having a bulky device to lug around.


#3   Lithium Cube 1200

The Lithium Cube 1200 is no slouch; with a 1000W inverter paired with the 1166Wh lithium-ion battery, you'll have the power you need to get the job done. Whether you need to power a battery charger, refrigerator, CPAP, laptop, or lighting for remote photography, we have you covered!


#4   AC to DC 5 Amp Power Adapter

Wagan Tech’s AC to DC Power Adapter allows you to take your automotive (DC accessory socket) accessories with you wherever you go and is ideal for school, home, or office use!


#5   DUO USB Lantern

Our DUO will certainly light up your life. Utilizing a rechargeable LiPo battery, it is ideal for camping, hiking, emergencies, power outages, and other night-time activities.
With the powerful magnets, folding hanging hooks, rubber anti-slip feet, multiple lighting modes, and multi-function design, the DUO USB Lantern will make your next adventure conveniently bright.


#6   24 Liter Personal Fridge/Warmer

Portable cooler and warmer 2-in-1! No ice needed to keep your food and drinks cool. Extra-tall for holding wine and 2-Liter soda bottles.


#7   DC to DC Battery Chargers

Optimizing & Maintaining your Power Eco-System - easy to install, powerful, and solar panel capable. They work with most battery types including LiFePo4!


#8   1000 Lumen Solar Wall LED Light

Defeat the darkness with our compact and powerful cordless lighting solution. Featuring an all-in-one waterproof design, our 1000 Lumen Solar Wall LED Light provides light where you need it: on a sidewalk, driveway, walking path, side yard, deck, or any place that’s lacking sufficient lighting!


#9   Power Dome NX2

Wagan Tech’s Power Dome NX2 is a mighty unit in a small package. With so many features built in to this small device, this has become an essential item for anyone who travels along the roadways today. Jump Starter, Bluetooth, Air Compressor, AC & DC outlets, USB power port, built-in inverter, AC outlets, and an AM/FM Radio with digital tuner, the NX2 has it all!


#10   FRED PRO

Wagan Tech’s Flashing Roadside Emergency Disk (FRED) is a safe, bright, and effective tool for warning other motorists of your emergency roadside situation. A safe alternative to road flares, the FRED PRO is IP67 rated (waterproof/dustproof), shatterproof, extremely bright, and is a highly versatile and valuable tool no matter what your use. Use it at home or on the road, your friend FRED will not let you down!


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