What's the Difference? Lithium Cube EX5 & Lithium Cube 500

What's the Difference? Lithium Cube EX5 & Lithium Cube 500

Wagan Tech2/26/24

by: Justin Gray

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 If you'd like to know what the differences between the new Lithium Cube EX5 and the previous Lithium Cube 500 are, take a look below.

Here's the Quick List of Differences:

  1. Fast Charging 0%-100% in <2 hours vs. 9 hours on the previous model
  2. 150W of Solar Input vs. 80W on the 500 model
  3. Inverter 500W running & 1000W Peak vs. 500W running & 600W Peak
  4. Anderson PowerPole Input & Output vs. just Output
  5. 12V DC Socket is twist-lock marine-type compared to the standard 12V Socket
  6. No timeout timer on EX5

Lithium Cube™ EX5

The List Break-down:

  1. Our new AC Charger and smart internal circuitry allows the EX5 to accept 300W of input power to quickly and safely recharge the unit in short order. 
  2. The previous 80W of solar input was good, especially paired with the MPPT solar charge controller. We we're asked to up the ante, so we nearly doubled that amount of solar input to a respectable 150W! For you, that means the unit will charge twice as fast.
  3. Our old inverter had a peak surge of 600W and we thought that would be good enough for most people - it turns out it is, but we can do better. On par with our production inverters, we were able to double the peak surge to match the output wattage (1000W Peak, 500W Running).
  4. The Anderson PowerPole connector was a HUGE hit with our customers, so much so that they asked for one on the output side too. Who are we to say no? Hobbyists love this connector as it is compatible with a wide range of accessories including those for: Astronomy buffs, Amateur (HAM) radio enthusiasts, RC pilots, Fans of Robotics, and those choo-choosing model railroads.
  5. So simple, yet so necessary! The previous 12V DC Socket worked well, but we found out that people who drive rough roads or are accident prone will inevitably knock the DC plug out of the socket thus removing power to the appliance (which was normally a fridge). To combat this issue, we decided to go with a marine-style plug that has a twist-lock feature which helps to "lock" the DC plug in-place!
  6. Another important feature for the new Lithium Cube EX series was the removal of the "timeout timer". On the old models, if power wasn't used for a few hours, the unit would automatically turn itself off to save power... seems like a good idea, right? For those using a fridge, this isn't good since fridges don't typically run much at night when it's cold outside.

 As you can see, we've poured countless hours of research and engineering into these units to ensure they exceed your expectations, providing feature-packed, affordable, and reliable power solutions for all your daily and weekend adventures.


Take a look at our full Launch Video:



Lithium Cube™ EX5

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