We're offering: "Extended Warranties" with Extend

Wagan Tech11/ 1/22

Extend is a product protection solution for consumers who want an added "peace of mind" for their purchases. This protection is available for most consumer products on*...

Priority: Halloween Safety - Be Safe, Be Seen!

Wagan Tech10/18/22

Halloween is a fun event to get outside, get candy, and make memories. Since this event is at night, take the extra steps to be safe while having fun! We've compiled some tips...

Press Release issued: DC to DC Battery Chargers

Wagan Tech10/ 7/22

Our official company press release for our DC to DC Battery Chargers was issued through Business Wire. Click on the following link to see the official press release on Business Wire's site (external link). (Read more) Press Release Transcript: Wagan Tech® debuts 40A DC-to-DC Battery Charger and 25A DC-to-DC Battery Charger...

Customer Question: How do I safely install an inverter in my car?

Wagan Tech9/19/22

Customer: I'm planning to install the inverter in my car. Why do Wagan power inverter documents specify a battery protection fuse placed within one foot of the positive battery terminal? Is this really necessary? 

Customer Question: Is "buzzing" in the RV circuit breaker panel normal?

Wagan Tech9/12/22

Customer Question: Is "buzzing" in the RV circuit breaker panel normal? Buzzing is normal with magnetic circuit breakers; basically they are made of a coiled wire that pulls on a ferrite strip that trips the... 

Customer Question: What is the difference between cheap (brand) inverters and yours?

Wagan Tech7/21/22

What is the difference between cheap (brand name withheld) inverters and yours? They are the same wattage as yours, but the price is 1/3 less... Don't they do the same thing? -Tony (via email)

Overland Expo PNW 2022

Wagan Tech7/ 8/22

We had just enough time to come back from the Overland Expo West show in Arizona, take a shower, eat, and re-stock before having to hit the road for Redmond, Oregon.

What is "FL1 Standard" and what does it mean? Updated 2022

Wagan Tech6/26/22

FL1 is a Flashlight Standard set-forth by ANSI to help consumers find the right flashlight for their needs by breaking down the components & specifications in a way that consumers can easily compare and understand...