🎄 2021 Holiday Gift Guide - Top 10 🎄

🎄 2021 Holiday Gift Guide - Top 10 🎄

Justin Gray11/ 2/21

by Justin Gray

Want a little help finding the perfect gift for someone (or yourself!)? Some are fun, most are practical, but all are amazingly thoughtful gifts! Take a look at our quick guide below to find the right gift!

#10 ComfyGel Cushions

Top 10 gifts of 2021

The #10 top-gift pick is our brand new ComfyGel Cushions. These are great for people with aching backs, sore-butts, and those who don't like sitting on hard surfaces. The ComfyGel Cushions feature a honeycomb-matrix design that is soft, conforms to curves, supportive, and allows air to flow reducing heat build-up. With a removeable and washable cover, they're a perfect gift!


#9 Intelligent Battery Chargers

Top 10 gifts of 2021

Coming in at number 9 is our Intelligent Battery Chargers lineup. What makes these chargers great is that they have smart circuitry which allows them to analyze current battery status and charge it accordingly. These also work on LiFePo4 batteries as well as standard automotive batteries. Some units have winter and reconditioning modes too! Optimized and charged batteries last longer!


#8 Auto Power Vacuum

Top 10 gifts of 2021

Gift idea #8 is the Auto Power Vacuum. While this seems like a simple vacuum - it is and it isn't! Featuring a washable/reusable filter, easy to clean bin, and a powerful 120W motor, this vacuum makes clean-ups a breeze. With simple "plug-and-play" operation and the included crevice tool/brush, you're gift recipient will love this!


#7 1000 Lumen Solar Micro Wall LED Light

Top 10 gifts of 2021

As we move down this list, we come across gift idea #7: the 1000 Lumen Solar Micro Wall LED Light. This is a gift that will light up their life! Compact, motion-sensing, solar powered, anywhere mounting, and LED illumination make this light perfect for enhancing safety and visibility anywhere you need it.


#6 Camplites

Top 10 gifts of 2021

Gift idea number 6 is one of my favorite categories (and a customer favorite too!); one that I have been using for several years! #Camplites! We offer a full range of reliable portable lighting that can be used around the house, in the car, garage, and of course - camping! Yay!


#5 Solar LED Floodlights

Top 10 gifts of 2021

Half-way through the list (isn't this fun!) is a gift idea that is perfect for people not living in an apartment: Solar LED Floodlights! Light up a driveway, walkway, pathway, or any other "way" with our wireless, solar powered, motion sensing, poll/wall-mountable lighting solutions. Easy lighting is what we're all about!


#4 Heated Seat Cushions

Top 10 gifts of 2021

Baby, it's cold outside. It is much more bearable with our Heated Seat Cushions! Item #4 is the perfect remedy for those cold bones, aching backs, or for keeping you toasty while waiting for your car to warm up. We offer models that warm, both warm and cool, and even massage too!


#3 Brite-Nite Wayfinder LED Light

Top 10 gifts of 2021

This actually falls into category #6, but our Wayfinder light is in a class of its own when it comes to versatility and awesomeness! Our pick for #3 is the Brite-Nite Wayfinder LED Light. This is a compact, rechargeable, flashlight & lantern! It has a rotatable magnetic stand, is dimmable, and can recharge your phone too! This makes a seriously considerate stocking stuffer!


#2 iOnBoost TORQUE

Top 10 gifts of 2021

Oooooh, you made it to #2 - the iOnBoost TORQUE Series of Lithium-ion jumpstarters. Yeah, yeah, we know that there are a billion of these in the market already, so what makes this so special? Look at the reviews! Our TORQUE Series features a powerful 4S battery that can jumpstart a V8 engine up to 56 times on a single charge... aren't you glad it only takes 1 jump to get you back on the road?


#1 Lithium Cube

Top 10 gifts of 2021

#1 seems obvious if you are familiar with our company, but coming in at the coveted spot is our Lithium Cube series of portable power stations. What can I say about these other than they're really awesome?! 120V AC power (wall outlet), USB power ports, 12V DC output (car socket), PSW Inverter, Backlit color display, folding handle, and can be recharged via solar, wall charger, car charger, wind & water turbines, etc. If you really like the person you're shopping for, you'd buy them a Lithium Cube - if you like yourself more, you'd buy yourself a Lithium Cube!

→ To sweeten the pot, we now offer 4 installment payments on purchases; this means that you don't have to pay for it all at once! Shop Pay FTW! 


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