What is the difference between Power Inverter models?

What is the difference between Power Inverter models?

Justin G1/ 7/19

We’re often asked, “What is the difference between your inverter models?”- here are the answers that you seek!

Sine Waves:

There are two basic sine waves: Pure Sine Wave (PSW) and Modified Sine Wave (MSW)

pure sine wave

Pure Sine Wave (PSW) also known as: Sine, PSW, Natural, and True Wave, it is the same waveform that comes out of your wall outlet in your house. The upside to this waveform is it is the cleanest and most efficient; It offers less cycling (in other words, it is less stressful to electronics), and is very stable. The down side to Pure sine wave inverters is that they cost substantially more than a modified sine inverter.


modified sine wave

Modified Sine Wave (MSW) also known as: Square, manufactured, and MSW, these inverters are less-expensive to produce and can function with most appliances. Utilizing a different waveform than the PSW, the MSW inverter allows average consumers an affordable alternative for DC to AC power conversion. Due to the square waveform, some appliances are not compatible with MSW inverters.



Wagan Tech Inverter Model Lines:

Wagan Tech Inverter

Pure Line: Our Pure Line is the latest generation of superb looking, high-wattage, Pure Sine Wave (PSW) inverters. Featuring internally protected GFCI circuits with NEMA 5-15 3-prong AC outlets, the Pure Line inverters will supply you with the clean pure sine wave power that you need at a price you can afford. Current models range from 400W-2,000W with more sizes to be released soon. Learn More

wagan tech inverter

ProLine: As the name implies, our ProLine is built for the PROfessionals. These are our high wattage MSW inverters with models ranging from 3,000W-10,000W. Featuring high output terminals, NEMA 5-15 3-prong AC outlets, high-grade SMT components, and internal safeties, the ProLine is ready to assist you on any job site. Learn More

wagan inverter

SlimLine: starting at 250 watts and ending with the 2,000W model, the SlimLine is an affordable MSW inverter that is perfect for everyday use. The casing of the SlimLine models is narrow (hence the “slim” moniker) and allows these inverters to be mounted and stored nearly anywhere. Perfect for weekend-warriors, road-trippers, and soccer mom’s alike. Lean More

wagan inverter

Elite: For those looking for smaller wattage Pure Sine Wave (PSW) inverters, the Elite series is the best choice. With models ranging from 200W all the way up to 1,000W, the Elite series is an affordable and compact PSW inverter that fills your needs. Learn More

wagan inverter

Smart AC: Our Smart AC line is one of the best known and highly regarded power inverter series. With MSW inverters ranging from 80W up to 400W, the Smart AC line is a true “plug and play” power inverter. When ease of use and reliability is the name of the game, the Smart AC series is the smart choice. Learn More

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