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36 Years

Award Winning Automotive Safety Device

This item has been replaced by the upgraded: Michelin High Visibility LED Road Flare


The F.R.E.D. LIGHT PRO won the AAPEX 2016 Best New Product Award for Safety! It is this type of accolade that we're extremely proud of and continues to drive our passion for innovation!


Wagan Tech - Fred Pro - emergency lighting - road flare replacement F.R.E.D. LIGHT PRO
Wagan Tech’s Flashing Roadside Emergency Disk (FRED) is a DOT approved, bright, and effective tool for warning other motorists of your emergency roadside situation. A safe alternative to road flares, the FRED Light is IP67 rated (waterproof/dustproof), shatterproof, extremely bright, and is a highly versatile and valuable tool no matter what your use. Use it at home or on the road, your friend FRED will not let you down!

F.R.E.D. vs F.R.E.D. PRO
We took the original FRED light and made it larger, gave it an even better IP rating, increased the run time with the help of AA batteries, made the work light blindingly bright, added magnets to the perimeter of the case, made battery replacements easy, upgraded the PCB, and added another hanging loop. What we came up with is a device that is exceptionally bright, versatile, and far exceeds any other device out there; just look at the award it won at its unveiling!
Wagan Tech - Fred Pro - emergency lighting - road flare replacement

Wagan Tech - Fred Pro - emergency lighting - road flare replacement Emergency Use on the Road
FRED PRO was built to be a safe and effective replacement for dangerous road flares. Road flares are great for being seen, but pose a massive fire risk and are hard to extinguish after use. The FRED PRO remains cool to the touch and does not emit a flame that can start fires. FRED PRO uses bright LED bulbs that have a life span of over 50,000 hours and are resistant to shock and are extremely bright. With 5 Flash modes and a 6 white LED worklight, it is as useful as it is versatile.


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Emergency Use at Home
The FRED PRO is not only for roadside use, it can be used at home to identify your location so that first responders can easily find you; with a magnetic backing and flush fitting hooks, the FRED PRO can be mounted or placed nearly anywhere. If you are in an emergency, seconds count. Placing a FRED PRO on your house or curbside can make it easier for emergency personnel (Police, Fire, and Ambulance) to find your location!
Wagan Tech - Fred Pro - emergency lighting - road flare replacement

Wagan Tech - Fred Pro - emergency lighting - road flare replacement Uses Limited by Your Imagination
FRED PRO can be used for non-emergency use too. A great way to add party ambiance; use as a neat floating pool light show, walkway or path marker, keep track of the kids at night, or marking your campsite, FRED’s uses are only limited by your imagination!

IP67 & Shatterproof
The FRED Light is IP67 (Ingress Protected) which means that dust will not enter its case (dust tight) and it can withstand powerful water jets. For regular users, that means that the FRED PRO is built tough; dust and water do not affect the FRED PRO and it floats too! Having a Polycarbonate case surrounded by a Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) wrap, the FRED PRO Light is shatterproof and well armored for the bumps and bruises of life. The TPR armor aids in better visibility and gives a non-slip grip.
Wagan Tech - Fred Pro - emergency lighting - road flare replacement

Wagan Tech - Fred Pro - emergency lighting - road flare replacement Trusted Everywhere
Our original FRED was a hit in every market from: Military, Law Enforcement, Ambulance Companies, Fire Departments, Tow Truck Operators, Civil Service, Aircraft, Civilians, and everything in between, everyone had so much positive feedback to give! Many departments rely on our FRED Lights to keep them visible and out of harm’s way. Wagan Corporation THANKS those individuals for their dedicated service!


Quick List of Features

    • 6 Lighting Modes (5 Flashing, 1 Worklight)

    • 6 Colored LEDs, 6 White LED worklight

    • IP67 Rated (Waterproof/Dustproof)

    • AA Battery Powered

    • Emits No Heat, Safe

    • Magnetic Backing, 2 Hanging Hooks

    • DOT Approved


We are the originator of the FRED Light and the FRED Light PRO; anything similar in the marketplace is just an inferior copy of our device. There is a reason that emergency personnel, tow truck drivers, civil services, and first responders all depend on Wagan Tech FRED lights to keep them safe!


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*Please check with your local laws and regulations prior to deploying FRED for use

DOT Compliant under 49CFR § 392.25 & 393.95(g)