Top 10 Products of 2023

We want to thank you as a customer and as a friend of ours; THANK YOU for making 2023 great for all of us at Wagan Tech!

Below are the Top-10 products of 2023 

#1 - 1000 Lumen Solar Wall LED Light

top 10 products of 2023

The most popular solar light for its versatility alone. I added magnets to the back to be able to move it around camp as needed. Mount it anywhere the sun shines and you'll have light all night long. Motion sensing, 3-lighting modes, and extremely bright at 1000 lumens (or dim at 20 lumens). The best solar powered LED light hands-down.



#2 - Lithium Cube 1200

top 10 products of 2023

What can I say that hasn't been said by the people who already own one of these? You get a pure sine wave inverter with 3-AC outlets, a 12V DC Socket, a plethora of USB ports, and a myriad of ways to recharge it (AC charging, DC, USB, Solar, Wind or Water turbine), and a fold-flat handle; this is a fantastic portable power station.



#3 - DUO USB Lantern

top 10 products of 2023

A new product with a pure-bred history. Our Dome USB Lantern was such a big hit that we added some customer requested features to it and made a new light: a center spot flashlight and step-dimming. Now you get a flashlight and lantern in one compact unit. Duo.



#4 - iOnBoost V10 TORQUE

top 10 products of 2023

I can't speak more highly on any product more than the iOnBoost V10 TORQUE. This portable jump starter is filled with power, not promises. Easily jump starts 6.7L diesels and all other passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles, and SUVs. Time-tested and a proven track-record, this is the absolute best jump starter in the market!




top 10 products of 2023

Used by our local Police Department, SWAT teams, traffic enforcement units, and hundreds of other Police, Fire Departments, and Ambulance companies throughout the country... they've tested ours against others with us coming out on top every time. Trusted by them to protect their lives, you can count on it to help protect yours.



#6 - Solar + LED Floodlight 2000

top 10 products of 2023

The reason that our Solar Floodlights have been so popular is their durability, reliability and of course their ease of installation. No wiring, no skills, no maintenance, no hassle! Our lights charge themselves and are bright; protecting and illuminating the remote areas around your property.



#7 - Compact Lantern

top 10 products of 2023

Another new product that lends its success to its predecessors. Since the launch of our Dome Lantern line, thousands of campers, overlanders, RV'ers, and countless others have raved about the versatility and usefulness of them. We wanted a light that incorporated the features of the Dome Lanterns, but has an amber "anti-bug" colored light. With some cool additions including a folding clip and a sleek new styling, the Compat Lantern was born.



#8 - Deluxe Velour Heated Seat Cushion

top 10 products of 2023

A classic product that just plain works. There's nothing like getting into your car and feeling the soothing warmth emanating from the seat. This has been a customer favorite item for a long time (especially when winter rolls around). Our cushions can even be used at home with the addition of our AC to DC power adapter... talk about versatility!



#9 - Luxury Heated Seat Cushion

top 10 products of 2023

For those with a more "sporty" styled car seat, the Luxury Heated Seat Cushion fits nicely in the contours (bucket) of the seat. With the same effectiveness and safety of its bretheren, the Luxury Heated Seat Cushion is a perfect addition to your car for this cold season.



#10 - Flexxlite

top 10 products of 2023

At the bottom of the list, but not a bottom shelf product is the new Flexxlite. You may wonder what makes this light different from the other neck lights in the market and I will tell you frankly - you're not going to find a better light for a better price! Our Flexxlite takes the standard neck light design and one-ups it with detachable and magnetic light heads with 3 color side lights and a dimmable front lantern. With an MSRP at only $24.95, you can't beat this light in practicality or price!



Do you have a favorite product that didn't make the list? Leave a comment below!