What makes our Pure Line (PSW) Inverters so great? #TopShelfGear

What makes our Pure Line (PSW) Inverters so great? #TopShelfGear

Justin G9/ 2/18

#TopShelfGear is a common hashtag to describe Wagan Tech products; especially pointed at the iOnBoost Jump Starter and Pure Line Inverters. Why?…because they live up to the hype.

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What makes our Pure Line (PSW) Inverters so great?

You’re probably already aware of the difference between Modified and Pure Sine waves, so I won’t go into that aspect; The answer can be summed up in a few short words: True-Rated Continuous Wattage, Safety, Design, and Clean Power.


> True-Rated Continuous Wattage: Our Pure Line (and other inverters) are guaranteed to run at full-capacity for 24 hours straight. That simply means our 3,000 watt inverter (#3810) will power a 3,000 watt load for at least 24 hours! Learn more about TrueRated Power.

> Safety: We have all of the safety protections in our Pure Line Inverters to protect the user and the Inverter: Overload, overheat, over voltage, short-circuit, reverse polarity, ground fault, low battery, and terminal covers are necessary features that are built-in to the Pure Line Inverters.

> Design: Why is it that power inverters are always large, unsightly bricks? We took that familiar block shape and whittled it into a sculpted heat-dissipating aluminum alloy body, added twin cooling fans for exceptional cooling efficiency (all models except the 400W), shortened the usual tall-stance, gave it a rad matte black paint job, and vented the heck out of the front panel. Wrap that in a conformal coating, and the result is a beautifully engineered PSW inverter that performs as well as it looks!

> Clean Power: Virtually identical to the power that comes out of your wall outlet, our Pure Line Inverters delivery clean power that all of your electronic devices desire. With industry leady 90% efficiency and less that 3% THD, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better performing inverter.

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Is that It?

No way, we’re just getting started! With over 35 years in business and one of the longest running inverter companies, we have learned a thing or two about power inverters. We design, manufacture, and have trademarked many of our designs.

We are trusted by many industries including the Military, Fire Departments, Ambulance companies, Police, State/Local/Government Agencies, civil services, electrical and power companies, and so many other clients.

Call Us!

We're not afraid to talk to you nor do we shy away from it. We have a REAL Customer Service Team here in Hayward, CA, USA that is ready to help you. No automated robot answering here, just real-life technical experts that can help you answer any question about selecting, installing, and powering your inverter!

We’re here Monday-Friday from 9a-5p (PST) to help YOU.

Take a look at all of the Pure Line Power Inverters!

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