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What is "FL1 Standard" and what does it mean? Updated 2022

Wagan Tech6/26/22

by Justin Gray

On our flashlight's packaging and in our manuals you'll see "FL1 Standards" followed by logos and specs; you may be wondering what they mean?! We've made this blog easy to read so that you'll go away understanding exactly what they mean and how it applies to you.

What is the FL1 Standard?

The FL1 Standard is accredited by ANSI (American National Standards Institute); an organization that sets generally accepted standards for products (amongst other things) and coordinates United States standards with international standards so they may be globally understood. 

FL1 is a Flashlight Standard set-forth by ANSI to help consumers find the right flashlight for their needs by breaking down the components & specifications in a way that consumers can easily compare and understand. 

Take a look at the icon & expression chart below of the 6 FL1 criteria (the last 2 are for IP ratings):

(Click to enlarge)

Now that you know the difference, you can rest assured that our devices will perform to your expectations!

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