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What is an "IP Rating" and what does it mean? [Updated 2022]

Wagan Tech6/25/22

by Justin Gray

We're often asked some variation of "what does IPxx rated mean?, what IP rating is waterproof?, which IP rating is better?, is IPxxx good?, or what IP rating is best for outdoors?". We have made this simple-to-understand blog to help clear up what IP ratings are.

IP ratings or "(I)ngress (P)rotection" ratings are the standards set by the IEC that inform consumers of an items resistance to solid object and water intrusion.

Example: IP65

The first number following the letters "IP" is the "solid foreign object" rating while the second number following the solid foreign object rating is the "water" rating.

For the example "IP65", that would mean the item is (6) "dust-tight" (as in, no dust would be able to enter it), and (5) protected against water-jet spray (forceful water intrusion).

See the chart below (courtesy of the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) at: www.iec.ch/ip-ratings)

Ip ratings


Now that you know the difference, you can rest assured that our devices will perform to your expectations!


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