Summer Travel Tips: How to be Road Trip Ready. #RoadReady

Summer Travel Tips: How to be Road Trip Ready. #RoadReady

Justin G6/12/19

by: Justin Gray

Summer is here (if you can’t tell by temperature alone!) and we have some Road Trip tips to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape (These apply to those daily-drivers too).

car fluids

Vehicle Fluids

Make sure your coolant is at the full level in both the radiator and the coolant reservoir bottle. When is the last time you had it flushed and filled? Maybe now is a good time to do it!
Engine oil (motor oil) is the blood of your engine. Make sure you have it changed regularly and that it is filled to the proper level. 

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Tire pressure is more important than most people realize; it affects the handling and the safety of the vehicle. Under-inflated tires can cause excessive wear and poor handling while over-inflated tires can also cause both excessive wear and poor handling while increasing the chance of a blowout! Make sure to get your tires rotated and filled to proper specs regularly.

car kit - wagan tech
Emergency Kit

Everyone should have a basic emergency kit in their vehicle that covers the majority of issues one may encounter on the road. I’m not talking about some massive Bugout Bag (although I keep one in my vehicle), I am talking about a simple kit that you can easily put together.

• Basic First Aid Kit
• Flashlight
• Water
• Road Flares (such as the FRED PRO)
• Jack and Lug nut Wrench  
• Basic Hand tools: Pliers, Adjustable Wrench, Screwdriver, Hammer, Duct Tape, paper towels
• Portable Air Inflator (a few good choices: Air Compressors)
• Emergency Blankets
• Change of clothes
• Jumper Cables/Jumper pack (we have lots of these: here)
• Phone Charger
• Extra fluids: engine oil and coolant


    Vehicle Lighting

    It only takes two people and one minute to walk around your vehicle and make sure that all of the lights are working properly: side marker lights, headlights (high and low beam), turn signals, brake lights (running (low) and braking (high)). Lights are there for your safely!

    car engine - wagan tech


    There are other simple engine-related things that can ruin your drive other than low engine oil and coolant levels; hoses and belts are at the top of the list! Both hoses and belts are easy to replace and should be checked regularly.
    Engine belts “activate” other essential parts of your vehicle including: power-steering, fans, alternator, and the water pump. If the belt fails, the vehicle fails. Check them for cracks and wear.

    Coolant hoses help to circulate the coolant from the radiator (which cools the coolant) to the engine and back again. These hoses endure high pressure and high heat every time you drive. Without these hoses, the engine will over-heat! Replacing them regularly is cheap insurance.

    first aid kit
    *Advanced First Aid Kits

    As an advanced first aid and CPR trained individual, I believe in having a “more than basic” first aid kit with me at all times. For the purpose of this blog, I will list the items (and the reason for it) that EVERYONE should have in their vehicle regardless of your first aid training and knowledge.

    • • Rolled Gauze – These can be used to cover burns, as a bleeding compress, and to stuff puncture wounds
    • • Tourniquet – This is used to stop major bleeding and is simple to use
    • • Super Glue – Can be used to temporarily seal a wound
    • • Latex gloves – protects you from blood and fluid contact
    • • Trauma Shears (scissors) – For removing clothing, cutting
    • • Celox or Quickclot – used to stop bleeding and is easy to use
    • • CPR Mask - keeps bodily fluids from exchanging
    • • Simple Meds - Tylenol, antihistamine, Imodium (stop: swelling/headaches, allergic reactions, diarrhea)
    • • Gauze Tape - used to tape stuff or hold it in place
    • • Whistle - when blown, gets attention. 3 short bursts signals: I need help!
    • • Reflective Emergency Blanket - can be used as a shelter, sun shield, ground tarp, and to keep someone in shock - warm

    You may be thinking, “why do I need all of this extra stuff?”, but car accidents happen thousands of times a day and lots of them are considered “Major” requiring emergency medical attention. What if you were prepared when the next one happens to (or near) you? You may be able to save a life!

    Road Ready

    As an automotive accessory manufacturer, we believe that your safety and comfort are more important than anything. That is why we write these blogs and only manufacture “top-shelf gear” for you and your loved ones. Our gear is built to last and will keep you Road Ready.

    Wagan Tech USA

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