Priority: Halloween Safety - Be Safe, Be Seen!

Priority: Halloween Safety - Be Safe, Be Seen!

Wagan Tech10/18/22

by Justin Gray

Halloween is a fun event to get outside, get candy, and make memories. Since this event is at night, take the extra steps to be safe while having fun! We've compiled some tips of how to trick-or-treat safely! 

Without a doubt, your child’s safety is of utmost importance. Make sure that they can be seen by everyone sharing the road.

It is dark outside, BE SAFE by BEING SEEN!

We want you and your family to have a fun and safe Halloween; here are some tips to keep your family safe while trick-or-treating:

For Pedestrians (walking):

  • Wear light colored costumes and travel in groups.
  • Additional reflective material added to costumes is ideal (like runners wear).
  • Each person should carry a flashlight and additional lighting; bicycle flashers work well.
  • Wear good fitting shoes, no loose laces.
  • If a mask is to be worn, only put it on once you're at the front door. Take off mask while in transit to next location.
  • Put electronics down, heads up.
  • Walk, do not run.
  • Makes sure that all pedestrians look both ways, twice, BEFORE crossing the road.
  • Wait until you get home to inspect candy.
  • Parents must accompany young children at all times.
  • Ideally, a 1:1 parent to child ratio is best

For Drivers:

  • Minimize distractions including: radio, cellphone.
  • Heads UP, Phone DOWN.
  • Drive Defensively, expect for a child to run into traffic.
  • Watch your speeds. OBEY speed limits.
  • Make eye contact with pedestrians to let them know you've seen them.
  • DO NOT drive under the influence of ANY alcohol or drugs.
  • Carefully enter and exit driveways and alleys.
  • Turn on headlights, even in daylight.


Our #Camplites are excellent for any outdoor activity and will help you to remain visible while trick-or-treating. The Dome and Dome USB Lanterns can be attached to a belt loop, backpack, back of a costume, stroller, or anywhere that accepts a hook or magnets. They are bright, inexpensive, highly visible, and make great marker lights. Emitting a wide amount of light in all directions, the Dome Lanterns are perfect for seeing and being seen!

Alternatively, our Pop-Up and Pop-Up USB Lanterns are bright LED flashlights that convert to a lantern with an upward pull of the bezel. With the same hanging hooks and magnets as the Dome and Dome USB Lanterns, they are easily hung or attached to nearly any surface. When in lantern mode, the Pop-Up Lantern emits a 360° field of light and illuminates the surrounding area.


Our F.R.E.D. light is another option for a multi-function flashing marker light. Its intended use is as a safe alternative to traditional road flares, the F.R.E.D. has 9 lighting modes, an over-sized hanging hook, and a strong magnet that can attach to strollers, cars, or any other ferrous metal surface.

Other Events

Look into local events that offer closed streets (to automobiles) that will increase safety for all participants. Malls, Churches, Schools, and other public organizations usually have Halloween festivals and are another good place to have fun in a safe environment.

For more helpful tips, see your local police department, fire station, or local government municipality.

Wagan wishes you and your family a safe and fun Halloween!


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