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USB Air Purifier
Our USB Air Purifier helps to remove 99.95% of contaminants including pollution, allergens, dust, pollen, and more! Breathe easier with Wagan Tech!

Wow, where do we begin?! HEPA Air Filtration, UV-C disinfecting light (germicidal lamp), Air ionizer, 2-Speed Fan (High/Low), Aromatherapy ready, USB powered, all enclosed in a sturdy yet sleek aluminum case that fits in a cup holder!

Who it's for
You, Me, Everyone! If you like breathing clean air with reduced allergens, less dust, less smog, and no pollution, then this is for you. If you prefer dirty air with pollen, smog, and other contaminants, then this air purifier is not for you!

Where can I use this?
Being USB powered, you can use this anywhere there is a USB port; in your car, on your computer desk, dorm room, in a hotel room, in the office, or in your RV... basically anywhere it is needed!

Our Deluxe model features a unique aromatherapy sponge that you can soak in your favorite essential oil turning the air purifier into an "air purifier diffuser"! Imagine having clean, crisp air with your favorite scent; how refreshing!

Quick List of Features:

  • Micro-USB Powered
  • 2-Speed Fan
  • HEPA H12 Filter
  • UV Disinfecting Light
  • Air Ionizer
  • Aromatherapy Ready

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