Solar Panel Series Cable - Lithium Cube EX18

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Series Cable with Anderson Powerpole connectors to attach multiple solar panels to the Lithium Cube EX18. 

For those wanting to take advantage of the Lithium Cube EX18's 600W of Solar Input, this cable makes it easy to connect multiple panels to the Lithium Cube EX18.

If you're using our 200W Solar panels, connecting them to the Lithium Cube EX18 is easy! Simply connect each panel to one of the "legs" of the cable, then plug the cable into the Lithium Cube EX18.

A required "jumper" plug is included for individuals using only 2 solar panels.

  • Cable Length: 130 inches
  • Cable weight: 1.5 lbs.
  • Connectors: Anderson Powerpole