120W Portable Solar Panel

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Hayward, CA, USA

40 Years

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This item has been discontinued. To see our other Solar products, click here.

Expansion solar panel for increasing your Solar e Power Cube 1500 PLUS' efficiency and decreasing charge time.

*This item cannot be shipped, it must be picked up at our Hayward, CA facility.

Need Power when off of the grid? Wagan Tech has your solution!

Our 36 cell, 120W Solar panel provides a valuable amount of electricity when away from the city or just off of the city's grid!

Perfect for Camping, remote locations, alternate power source, RVs, Trailers, and other situations where you want to harness the free power of the sun!

Expansion solar panel for a variety of applications.

Perfectly paired to work with Wagan Tech's® Solar e Power Cube 1500 PLUS (must add Banana clips to cables to pair with Solar e Power Cube 1500 models)