Jumper Cables - iOnBoost V6/V8


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Replacement Jumper Cables for the Wagan Tech iOnBoost V6 (#7501) & V8 (#7502) models

AA5206 Blue Box Basic Jumper Cables (iOnBoost V6 #7501)

AA5206-2 are the Basic Jumper Cables with the Red box (iOnBoost V8 #7502)

AA5207 are the SMART Jumper Cables with the Black box (iOnBoost V8 #7502)

Select from the drop-down menu:

  • AA5206 Blue Box Basic Cables
  • AA5206-2 Red Box Basic Cables
  • AA5207 Black SMART Box Cables
*iOnBoost V6 and iOnBoost V8 sold separately