Slim Line 1000W Power Inverter 48V

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Pictures are of a 12V unit, this is a 48V unit


• 1000W Inverter, 48V systems

• Modified Sine Wave

• Two LED indicators display the operating status of the inverter.

• Multiple AC outlets allow for more than one appliance to be powered at the same time.

• Mounting holes allow for safe stable installation.

• High Peak Power: Allows you to power appliances that require large initial start-up wattage.

• Low Battery Alarm: The inverter sounds an audible alarm then turns itself off if the battery becomes too low.

• Auto Shutdown/Reset Protection: The inverter temporarily shuts itself down to protect itself from overheating.

• Overload/Short Circuit Protection: The inverter automatically turns itself off if the connected load is too large or if it shorts.

Don't forget the fuse!