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This 10A AC to 12V DC power adapter will power you car appliances and accessories anywhere there is a wall outlet (AC).

10A AC to DC Power Adapter
Wagan Tech’s 10 Amp AC to DC Power Adapter allows you to take your automotive (DC accessory socket) accessories with you wherever you go and is ideal for school, home, or office use!

Convenience While On The Go
Grab one of your Wagan Tech Cooler/Warmers, jump in the car and go for a drive. While you drive the cooler keeps your food cool, but what about when you reach your destination? That is where the AC to DC Power Adapter comes in; just take your cooler with you, plug the AC to DC Power Adapter into the wall outlet and then plug the cooler’s plug into it!

But Wait, There’s More!
There are even more uses for our AC to DC Power Adapter: Breast pumps, air compressor/inflators (12V automotive), Smartphone chargers, Heated Seat Cushions, Air freshener/ionizer, DC fans, DC cab heater, hot plates, small CPAP machines, and more*!

Endless Uses
Once you own a Wagan Tech AC to DC Power Adapter, you’ll never leave home without it. You will always find a use for it whether you are on the road, in the office, at school, or in your own home. The AC to DC Power Adapter is a great way to take your Wagan HealthMate™ Heated Seat Cushions with you from your car into the office or house.

Why Ours Is The Best
Many people have purchased our 5 Amp AC to DC Power Adapter and loved it; just look at the thousands of 5 star reviews online! Other manufactures make identical looking units, but the specs are not identical! Be sure to buy a Wagan Tech branded adapter so you’ll be certain that it is not only powerful, but also safe for you and your family to use!

Quick List of Features

  • 10A of 12V DC Power (120W)
  • Converts AC to DC Power
  • Works with most 12V DC Appliances
  • Doubles the Use of your DC Appliances
  • Easy-to-Use, Plug-and-Play
  • Powerful & Compact



*Check the power requirements of your 12V device and be certain that it does not exceed 10 amps (120 watts) prior to plugging it in to the AC to DC 10 Amp Power Adapter.