Partner Program

Thank you for your interest in the Wagan Tech Partner Program!


What is the Partner Program?
Our partner program allows you to receive and keep (free!) Wagan Tech products for testing and evaluation while earning commission from sales at no cost to you!

What’s in it for you?
•   Partners get to keep the product they’ve evaluated.
•   We will create a personalized code for you to share with your followers. This code allows your followers/viewers/friends to receive 15% off of our site & Free shipping on orders over $39.99*!
•   You receive 5% commission from your code sales!
•   We help build your viewership/followers through mutual branding

How much does it cost?
Our program doesn't cost you anything! All that is required is your time to post the video review/blog/etc.**.

How do I apply?
You’ve already been invited, so let’s work out the details - Email me!

Tailored fit
We certainly understand each channel has different needs, you know your followers/viewer base…let me know what you need to reach them!

Have questions? Need more details?
Email me!

Here are some examples:




*exclusions such as Solar Cubes apply

** By joining the Wagan Corporation Partner Program, you agree that any content provided by you relating to Wagan Tech & HealthMate Products will be shared property of the original owner and Wagan Corporation to be used for promotional purposes across all of Wagan Corporation's channels. You agree that the content you upload/post will be beneficial to Wagan Marketing efforts and not damaging to Wagan Corporation or its affiliates/Ambassadors/product lines/or any subsidiary therein.