Lithium Cube EX Series Launch

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Thank you for joining our Lithium Cube EX5 & Lithium Cube EX18 launch party, we're excited to have you with us for this event!

The original Lithium Cube Series was met with great reception to a welcoming audience and we've had good success with it. Since then, lots of wonderful customer feedback has been received with open ears; before you stands the culmination of those changes, a portable power supply that better suits your daily needs.

Check-out the launch video:

Here are some of the user-suggested upgrades made to the new units:

Lithium Cube EX18

  • LiFePo4 Battery: longer-life, with more available power and deeper discharge rate
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) provides near-instantaneous automated power backup to critical and everyday systems 
  • Pass-through charging allows simultaneous charging of unit and devices to reduce down-time and speed up efficiency 
  • Parallel capability allows two units to be combined to both double the capacity and double the output
  • Fast Charging (<1.5 hours to full)
  • 600W Solar Input (MPPT)
  • Twist-lock 12V DC Socket
  • No power output time-out
  • 1800W/3600W Peak PSW Inverter
  • Added another 120V AC Outlet
  • Grounding Terminal
  • Anderson PowerPole Input & Output

Lithium Cube EX5

  • Pass-through charging
  • Fast Recharge (<2 hours to full)
  • 150W Solar Input (MPPT)
  • Slightly larger battery
  • Twist-lock 12V DC Socket
  • No power output time-out
  • 500W/1000W Peak PSW Inverter
  • Anderson PowerPole Input & Output