"From The Ground Up" - Keeping The Desert Clean (Full Documentary Video)

Who is behind @KeepOurDesertClean ?
KODC is a Nonprofit organization that works hard to keep the land we love open & enjoyable for years to come through volunteer trash clean ups, education and awareness! Keep Our Desert Clean

What is Wagan's involvement?
Wagan believes in being proactive in caring for our planet; these aren't just words we say, it's something we actively do. For years we have supported KODC and their mission to clean up the deserts of Arizona.
Wagan employees have also recently participated in cleanup events in the Mojave Desert and Death Valley, CA. We firmly believe in leaving a place better than we found it.

From the documentary creators:
The desert is far more delicate than you might think. Its rugged exterior gives the impression of intimidation and durability as if it is strong enough to withstand anything. But the reality is America’s great western landscape is in a state of peril caused by over-littering from locals & tourists alike.

From the Ground Up: Keeping the Desert Clean is a short documentary that follows the cast of characters who are committed to restoring the integrity of the land. Better known as the Keep Our Desert Clean crew, these selfless individuals are volunteers, overlanding adventurers, and nature enthusiasts who devote their time & resources to preserve the place they call home.

Roll up your sleeves and get to know the folks making a difference today. The desert may not be able to speak for itself, but these intimate interviews will tell you everything it wishes it could.

Big THANKS to Sta-bil and 303 (Gold Eagle brands) for making this video happen! www.goldeagle.com