Solar Cube 1500 Scam Warning


We have been notified by several U.S. Embassies (U.S. Department of State) of a Tender Scam that has been circulating for Solar Generators.
Wagan Tech (Wagan Corporation) is the designer, manufacturer, and sole distributor of the Solar ePower Cube 1500 and Solar ePower Cube 1500 PLUS.
You can find our Solar Cube 1500 at reputable resellers such as: The Home Depot, Amazon, B&H Photo, Don Rowe, Earth Tech Products, Northern Tool, etc.
Any devices being "sold" in the market with any other name is a scam.

Fraudulent websites have been set-up to "sell" our Solar ePower Cube's under different names such as:


• Acster VX300
• Crae XT200
• Mastr 400E
• Maersor 700VE
• Keigo KX20
• Brahzar 600SE
• Align Electrical Group Agredtu 500la


WARNING: These devices do not exist; they are using pictures stolen from our website and placed on their website to solicit sales (they didn't bother to take our "Wagan Tech" logo off of the photos!) Any device sold under these names are not real.



-- Official Statement from the U.S. Embassy --

WARNING – The U.S. Embassy has been made aware of a scam involving individuals purporting to represent the Embassy by soliciting purchase orders for solar generators. This appears to be an attempt to target businesses for payments of false contracts. If your business receives a tender request from the "Embassy of the United States” or from any of the following email addresses: or or, please DO NOT ACT on this request and notify us immediately via email at: US Department of State Contact form.

U.S. government procurement procedures follow strict regulations outlined in the U.S. Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR).
If you receive an email from any company or individual claiming to represent U.S. Embassy, be cautious. Particularly, if you receive an e-mail from a company or individual asking you to contact them and pay any money. These messages are not from the Federal Government.

Any official correspondence from the U.S. Embassy or an embassy official will be from a properly formatted U.S. Department of State email address ending in “” and will have a corresponding embassy telephone number with a local area code.

If you are contacted by someone claiming to be from the embassy without a “” email address and who asks for money, please contact US Department of State immediately. The U.S. Embassy has also been made aware of unauthorized calls appearing to be from the U.S. Embassy. This is likely an attempt to scam individuals by persuading them their purported offer, such as a university degree, is legitimate. If you receive an unexpected call from the U.S. Embassy and are unsure whether the call is legitimate, we advise you to end the call or offer to call the person back at a legitimate U.S. Embassy Phone number from the US Department of State Telephone Directory located here:

If you'd like to buy a legitimate Solar e Power Cube 1500 or Solar e Power Cube 1500 PLUS, you can call 1.800.231.5806 or email us directly for sales or a list of authorized resellers.


Wagan Tech Solar Cube 1500
Solar e cube 1500 generator open
Wagan Tech Solar Cube 1500 PLUS
Solar e cube 1500 generator open


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