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Emergency Preparations and Response

Just this morning in Northern California (where we're located), PG&E has pre-emptively decided to cut power to 87,000 residents in 12 counties in order to prevent wildfire.
That may seem like a great thing to prevent life and property loss, but how do you go about your life without power?

There are two things you can do:

1 - live without refrigeration, lighting, phones, internet, electronics, and possibly water

2 - have all of those things




Our Solar e Power Cube 1500 models are completely self-contained, self-sufficient, and complete all-in-one solar generator solutions. There is no other complete device in the market today.

Providing 1500 watts of power with a built-in rechargeable battery, solar panels, AC/DC/USB power ports, on board charge controller, and rolling wheels with collapsible handle (portable), the Solar Cube is the easiest and best solution to your emergency power needs.

Wagan Tech-USA


Cube Model Comparison

There are two models of the Solar e Power Cube 1500: the standard CUBE and the CUBE PLUS. The differences between them are outlined in the chart below.

As you can see, the PLUS model has a larger battery (nearly 2x the size), and can accept more solar panels (input wattage) for faster re-charging.


Solar Charge Controller
Max Solar Array
Loaded Weight


Solar e cube 1500 generator open
Cube (#2546)
84 lbs.


Wagan Tech - Solar e Cube 1500 - Solar Generator - open
Cube PLUS (#2547)
122 lbs.

What the Cube can do

The “Cube”, as it’s affectionately known, is a near silent Solar Generator that produces no fumes (safe to use indoors), requires no flammable gasoline, and is easier/smaller/lighter than most generators in its class.

It is easily transported with the help of the large rolling wheels and the collapsible suitcase style telescopic handle.




Charging Options

Of course you can recharge the Cube via Solar (Sunlight), but it also comes with an AC (wall outlet) charger and a DC (car cigarette lighter accessory socket) charger.

You can even connect a wind or water turbine to the Cube models! These charging options are especially important in an emergency as you may have limited resources available to you.




Prepare Now!

As wildfires continue to burn across California, and Hurricanes make landfall around the world, it is more apparent than ever that emergency back-up power is necessary. Instead of waiting for an emergency situation to come to you, prepare now so you'll be ready when it comes knocking at your door!

Solar e cube 1500 generator open
Solar Cube 1500
Wagan Tech - Solar e Cube 1500 - Solar Generator - open
Solar Cube 1500 PLUS

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