ANL Fuse or ANL Fuse Holder

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Fuse Holder and Fuses are sold separately.

A necessity for protecting your power inverter and other electronics; ANL fuses prevent voltage spikes (over-current) from harming your device. 

Our quality fuses are a standard size and work with most common fuse holders including our ANL Fuse holder assembly. They have been thoroughly tested for quality and resilience.  

Please select fuse capacity from the above drop-down menu.

  • Part# AA5461 - 100A ANL Fuse 
  • Part# AA5462 - 200A ANL Fuse 
  • Part# AA5463 - 300A ANL Fuse
  • Part# AA5465 - 500A ANL Ceramic Fuse
  • Part# AA5460 - ANL Fuse Holder

If you need help determining which size fuse you need, please see our "Inverter Battery Cable Gauge Chart": Located here

Fuse Holder and Fuses are sold separately.