What's the difference? Dome USB Lantern vs. DUO USB Lantern

What's the difference? Dome USB Lantern vs. DUO USB Lantern

Justin Gray1/ 7/22

by Justin Gray

The Wagan Tech Brite-Nite Dome USB Lantern has been a customer favorite multi-purpose illumination tool for years. We took the feedback received from that lantern, and applied it to a new unit called the "Brite-Nite DUO USB Lantern", or "DUO" for short. So what is the difference exactly? Read on!

Shared Features

Both units are externally (dimensionally) the same. They both feature a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, 2 folding hanging hooks, built-in USB Cable, USB Output power port, non-slip rubber feet, magnets embedded in the shell, and dimmable LED light output.

wagan tech DUO

Their Differences

The biggest change visually is the addition of a round clear lens in the center of the frosted lens. We added a spot flashlight in the center of the frosted lens that can output up to 170 lumens and is dimmable down to 10 lumens.

Lighting Modes
The original Dome USB Lantern featured High, Low, and S.O.S. Lighting modes; the DUO features step-dimmable lighting - which means that you can make the light as bright or as dim as you like.

The Duo is also step dimmable in any of the 3 light modes: Flood, Flood & Spot, or Spot only.

Which one should you get?

Which one to buy is really a question of needs. I use mine inside of the tent at night, and the 10 lumen setting of the DUO is the perfect amount flight to leave on all night for the kids. 

For use around the campsite, the original Dome USB Lantern is perfect to hang from a tree branch or place on the picnic table. This light is an ideal companion under the hood of the vehicle for maintenance or repairs too.

Either way you choose, you are going to find out that having just one isn't enough!

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Brite-Nite DUO USB Lantern
Brite-Nite Dome USB Lantern


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DUO USB Lantern
Dome USB Lantern  


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