What's in your EDC (Every Day Carry) Kit?

What's in your EDC (Every Day Carry) Kit?

Justin G6/14/18

If you already know what an EDC kit is, you can skip the first paragraph. For those of you “not in the know”, and EDC kit or “Every Day Carry Kit” is simply made up of your “daily essentials” that you carry with you every day. Popular on social media, the hashtag “#pocketdump” is where people post a picture of what they pack in their pockets.

What’s in Your Kit?

For most, an EDC kit is not necessarily well-though out; it’s just a compilation of year over year necessities. It usually consists of keys, chapstick, wallet, purse, maybe a pen, some hand-sanitizer, your phone, a knife, and some odds-and-ends. But, your EDC Kit SHOULD be well thought out!


Who will Help You?

In our turbulent world, you must learn to adapt and overcome; it’s how our ancestors evolved and how we ultimately survived thus far. We’ve become too reliant on the people and things around us that we have forgotten our primitive ways. No I’m not talking about going back to living in caves, but I am talking about learning basic skills to survive. You need to stop and ask yourself, “Who will take care of me and my family if utter chaos ensued”? The answer invariably will be “You”.

too much edc

Make your EDC Kit well thought out

You cannot plan for every conceivable issue that may arise, but being better prepared can help you in most instances. As part of my EDC Kit, I carry a quality folding knife. As a tool, this can: cut rope, process food, scrape wood, and even start a fire in an emergency. A knife is an example of one tool that can do many things.

Being CPR and First Aid Trained, I find it necessary to carry a CPR shield, a basic first aid kit, and a pair of latex gloves on me too. I am not only concerned about my well-being, but those around me also. Don’t forget meds, glasses, or any other personal essentials that you need to survive.

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Start small

You don't need to have some fancy Kit, start small and work your way up. Often I see people buy a ton of useless stuff (like mini-pry bars, fancy keychain devices, etc.) and then realize that they have to carry this weight-laden useless junk all day long. Start with your essential and add well-thought out items to the mix.

Don’t forget about ancillary items

Ancillary items support the primary item. For instance: your wall charger to your phone. In an emergency, how are you going to support your phone? What if you’re away from home and don’t have your charger? How are you going to call/text your loved ones when your battery is low?

chanelle ionboost

Power Solution

This is not some “far-off scenario”, this is a real world situation that is experience daily across the globe. You rely on your phone for information and to be able to contact people. You need a portable power source that is small and can support your phone. We have the solution and it is in a device that is the same size as your phone (albeit slightly thicker), has a flashlight, USB Power Port, and can even jump start a car – we call it the iOnBoost Slim.

ionboost slim

Birth of the iOnBoost Slim

The iOnBoost Slim is a device that was made for the modern person. Our other iOnBoost devices (iOnBoost V6, V8, and V8+) are superb at supplying safe power for your devices (including laptops!), but they were not conducive to pocket carry due to their large size. The iOnBoost Slim was made to be the same do-it-all type of device that would easily fit in your back pocket and become part of your Every-Day Carry Kit.

How we recommend you use your iOnBoost Slim

Ideally, we suggest that you place the included jumper cables in your vehicle’s glove box; that way they are already in your car when you need them. Next, simply slip the iOnBoost into your backpack, briefcase, or back pocket and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can charge your phone, jump start your car, or find your way in the dark with one tool that can do many things.


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