What does it mean to be Road Ready?

What does it mean to be Road Ready?

Justin G12/15/20

by Justin Gray

Wagan Tech USA

What does it mean to be Road Ready?

Road Ready seems like a simple word consisting of two innocuous parts, "road" meaning the driving surface, and "ready" meaning to be prepared.


For us, "Road Ready" is an all-encompassing term that starts from your home and ends at your destination.

Being Road Ready begins before you even leave the house. Part of being prepared is not only having what you need, but being mentally and physically prepared. If you are intoxicated, tired, or otherwise incapable of traveling, you are not Road Ready.

In preparations for travels, we manufacture air compressors, 12V tools, battery chargers, and jump starters that ensure your vehicle is able to safely and reliably operate on the road.

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Once on the road, we have heated seat cushions and heated mugs to keep you and your drink warm, Mobile chargers to keep your devices charged, Fridge/Warmers to keep your drinks cool & food warm, and Power Inverters that allow you to use household appliances on the go.

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If you fail to make your destination, our emergency products help you to get back on the road or safely wait for help. Our LED road flares alert traffic of your emergency and extend your safety zone, our flashlights help illuminate your workspace when changing a tire, and our portable power supplies help you get back on the road.

Once you arrive at your destination, our Solar floodlights will help guide you to the front door or our #camplites will illuminate your campsite.

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We believe in providing you with products that meet your needs and power your lifestyle.

We want your journey to be filled with memories and fun; it is our goal to ensure that you stay powered and comfortable, all with the convenience of home on the road.

Our products ensure that your travels are safe and comfortable, and that your vehicle is ready for the road ahead.

We keep you and your vehicle, #RoadReady.

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